Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find information related to applying for a dealer license or renewing or amending my current dealer license?

A: You can find this information on our website,  Our website contains links to Plates On Demand, applications and application requirements, audit information, license expiration dates, information related to changes in dealer name, address, and ownership, and useful forms.  If you are unable to find the information you need, or have any questions, you may contact the Auto Dealer Services Division by telephone at (317) 234-7190 or by email at You can also review the Dealer Licensing Information pamphlet here.

Q: What is the timeframe for processing any given document (including an application)?

A: The timeframe for processing documents varies based on the type of document that is submitted.  Documents completed accurately and in their entirety will be processed more quickly than documents that require the Auto Dealer Services Division to request additional or corrected information from the applicant.  Initial dealer applications may take approximately two-weeks to be processed due to the necessary review of associated documents and inspection of the business location by an examiner. 

Q: How do I get more interim plates?

A.  To request additional interim (temporary) plates, you must complete the correct form (Application for Interim Plates, State Form 22465) which is located on the Auto Dealer Services Division’s website under the “Auto Dealer Services Division Forms” link    Submit the completed form to the Auto Dealer Services Division.  Upon receipt of a completed form, the examiner assigned to your area will review your records and/or conduct an audit to see if you qualify for additional interim plates.  It is recommended that you keep track of your sales and the balance of interim plates that you have.  If you feel that you will need more interim plates, request them prior to getting low since it will take time for the examiner to process the request.

Q: When will I get my dealer license and plates?

A: After the Auto Dealer Services Division has reviewed your application and accompanying documents, an examiner must approve your business location.  Once the application and location have been approved, you will receive an invoice for the license and plates.  Upon receipt of payment, the Auto Dealer Services Division will place the order and you should receive the license and plates via USPS in about seven (7) business days.

Q: What is the status of my renewal or application?

A: The status of a renewal or initial application is dependent upon many factors:

  • Were the documents completed accurately?
  • Were the name and the address consistent throughout the application and supporting documents?
  • Were the coverage and address on the insurance and bond correct?
  • Were we able to email or call the dealer regarding the application if necessary?

If you have submitted a completed application to the Auto Dealer Services Division and would like to know the status of the application, you may contact us by telephone at (317) 234-7190 or email at

Q: How much money do I send with my request for additional plates or to replace a lost plate?

A: Due to recent statutory changes, we are in the process of restructuring our renewal process by spreading it out over twelve months instead of the previous nine month schedule.  Therefore, plate fees are being prorated based on the number of months they will be valid.  For plates requested in 2015, please do not send any money with the request.  Upon processing of the request, the Auto Dealer Services Division will send you an invoice with the prorated fee that is due.

Q: Can you take a payment over the phone?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept phone payments at this time.  A new system is under development and there should be ways for dealers to interact with the system via the internet.

Q: How many off-site sales can I have a year and how far away from my dealership can I have them?

A:  For specific information about off-site sales, you should review IC 9-32-11-10, IC 9-32-11-11, and 75 IAC 6-2-3.  In general, a dealer can apply for three (3) off-site sales permits per year.  Off-site sales are subject to certain restrictions, and cannot take place beyond a twenty mile radius from the dealer’s established place of business.

Q: How do I obtain dealer designee plates?

A: Dealer designee plates can be obtained from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The state form, Report of Designee (SF 47464), can be found on the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website under “Dealer Services Forms” in the “Titles” section.   If you have specific questions about dealer designee plates, you may contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 1-888-692-6841.

Q: Where can a dealer obtain information about excise taxes?

A: Excise taxes are collected as part of the registration process with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  Information concerning excise taxes can be found on the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website (  If you have specific questions about excise taxes, you may contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 1-888-692-6841.