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EO 12373 / SPOC

Compliance with EO 12373 by Indiana State Agencies

State agencies may select “a. This application was made available to the State under the Executive Order 12372 Process for review on _______” in section 19 of the SF-424 application.

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Include the date that the “Rqst Approval: Director of Federal Grants Policy and Management - Pursuance Approval” task was approved in eCivis. The granting Federal agency may require documented proof of approval. State Budget Agency recommends a screenshot of the approval history for the eCivis project (per the screenshot below). However, upon request, the State Budget Agency is willing to provide a letter of approval.

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Compliance with EO 12373 by Non-State Entities

Non-State Entities are not required to have applications for federal assistance reviewed by the Indiana State Budget Agency. Applicants may select “b. Program is subject to E.O. 12372 but has not been selected by the State for review.” in section 19 of the SF-424 application.

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State Point of Contact (SPOC) List - information regarding Intergovernmental review of Federal Programs - Executive Order 12372