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Online Services FAQ

Below are some of the most common online services provided by our licensing boards which can be easily and quickly completed online at your convenience. Our online services are available 24/7 and payments may be submitted via credit or debit card. The information detailed below are common services offered across all of the State of Indiana's licensing boards. If you would like additional information on specific requirements for an individual license type, please visit their appropriate Profession page to review those.

Please note that an Access Indiana account is required to utilize many of the below services. Access Indiana is a statewide effort to improve the user experience when accessing government services through creation of a portal where Hoosiers can access, link and manage their online account for multiple state agencies. If you already have an existing Access Indiana account, you can login to your account using the button below; otherwise please follow the steps below to create an Access Indiana account.

Creating an Access Indiana Account
To get started, please go to MyLicense.IN.gov and determine whether you are signing up for a Personal License or a Business License. A video guide on on how to create an Access Indiana account can also be found below each option as well.

For Personal Licensing:

  1. Click on “Register for an Access Indiana Account” under Personal Licensing unless you have previously created an Access Indiana account, in which you may use the Login button.
  2. Click “Sign Up for Access Indiana”
  3. Enter your personal e-mail address (not an employer e-mail address for security and legal purposes)
  4. Click “Send Verification Code”
  5. Open a new browser tab or window to check your email for the message with the subject of “Access Indiana Email Verification” and copy the verification code
  6. Enter or paste the verification code into the “Verification Code” box
  7. Create your Password
  8. Enter your personal identifying information and “Create Account”
  9. Search for your existing record by entering two of the four options.
    1. If you locate your account, click Register to link your record.
    2. If you are a licensee, and you do not locate your account, click back and try again.
    3. If you are not a licensee, you will be directed to create a new record, click Register to link your record.

10. You are now in your person record and you may select from the online services in the left-hand menu.

For Business Licensing:

  1. Click on “Register for a MyLicense Account” under Business Licensing unless you have previously created an account, in which you may use the Login button.
  2. Search for your existing record by entering your license number and registration code. Registration codes were emailed or mailed with your renewal notification.
  3. Click Register and you are now in your business record and you may select the Online Service from the left-hand menu.

Common License Related Services

Once you have logged into your MyLicense account using the steps above, you will be able to quickly complete many of our most common services from your computer or smart device. Below are the most frequently utilized services which are available through MyLicense utilizing the left-hand menu:

Initial Applications: This option allows for practitioners to submit new online applications for individual license types. Additional information regarding each license's specific requirements and additional information can be found at their appropriate Profession page.
Tracking Your Application: A practitioner can utilize this service to check the status of their application process, such as reviewing what required document are still needed. Applicants will also be sent updates via email as they become available.
Renew License: Practitioners who hold an active license can utilize MyLicense to renew their current license. Please be aware, you may renew your license starting 90 days prior to your expiration date and that you cannot renew by telephone.
Order or Print a License: Active licensees can utilize this service to see a copy of their license or have a physical copy mailed to them. Click the “Print License” button next to your license record for the free license or click on “Order License” on the left side of the screen to order a copy of your license to be mailed to you for a fee of $10.00 plus additional online processing fees.  
License Update:  Licensees can also update their MyLicense account to reflect changed since their initial creation. Some common examples include document uploads including legal name changes, continuing education audits, submission of any pertinent licensure or application documents, etc. that are not required to be submitted by a primary source.

Additional Online Services

Review Licensure Status: If you are a practitioner or member of the general public who would like to verify the status of an individual's license, please use the free Search and Verify tool. This tool can be used to determine if an individual holds a valid license, when it expires, affiliated licenses, and other important information. The tool is updated in real-time to ensure the information is always current.
Registering for a Criminal Background Check: If your application requires a criminal background check, click here and follow the instructions. All background checks are processed by IdentoGO, with the results sent to the PLA. The PLA staff are unable to register you for fingerprinting as it most be processed through IdentoGO
Digital Certification of an Indiana License: If you need to certify your Indiana license for employment or another state's licensing board, you can do so by clicking here and following the directions to obtain your certification.
File a Complaint Against A Practitioner: All complaints against practitioners are filed with and reviewed by the Indiana Attorney General's office. You must initiate your complaint through the Attorney General’s office here. You may also call Attorney General’s toll free Consumer Protection line at 1-800-382-5516.

Network / System Status

PLA Online Services is currently not aware of any issues. In order to begin, please select Get Started >> in the section above.