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The following state agencies comprise the Office of Management and Budget:

Department of Revenue: Administers the tax laws of the State of Indiana in an equitable and courteous manner to promote the highestdegree of public trust and voluntary compliance.

Indiana Office of TechnologyIOT provides measurable, secure, consistent, reliable enterprise-technology services at cost-effective prices to our partner agencies so they can better serve our mutual customer, the Hoosier taxpayer.

Department of Local Government Finance: Protects the interests of all Indiana property-tax payers by assuring uniform and equitable assessments and by providing oversight of the budgets of all local governmental units in the state.

Management Performance Hub: MPH provides analytics solutions tailored to address complex management and policy questions enabling improved outcomes for Hoosiers.

Distressed Unit Appeal Board: DUAB receives petitions from both distressed political subdivisions and school corporations in need of relief.

Indiana Board of Tax Review: A bipartisan appeals board that reviews determinations by local/county assessment officials concering the assessed value of tangible property, property tax deductions, or property tax exemptions. Also reviews assessment determinations made by the Department of Local Government Finance.

Indiana Finance Authority: Oversees state debt issuance and provides efficient and effective financing solutions for state, local and business investment in Indiana. For example, they will lead the $1 billion stadium and convention center expansion.

State Budget Agency: Serves as fiscal analyst, administrative budget officer, fiscal forecaster and fiscal policy adviser to the Governor.

Independent Agencies that collaborate with OMB:

Indiana Public Retirement System: Advances the achievement of retirement security for current and future retirees and beneficiaries through delivery of operational and investment excellence, exemplary customer service and trusted stakeholder communication.

State Board of Accounts: Perform audits of state and local governments, prescribe uniform accounting standards, and train public officials and employees.

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