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Indiana Office of Management & Budget

The state's long-term economic health requires that we continue our commitment to fiscal discipline. Government must continue to spend the taxpayer's money more efficiently, so ultimately the State needs less of it. The Office of Management & Budget (OMB) brings together the financial and auditing functions of our state in order to serve these goals.

  • Governor Holcomb's Executive Order 17-09 continues the Management Performance Hub (view)
  • Governor Holcomb's Executive Order 17-08 continues the Office of State-Based Initiatives (view)
  • Governor Holcomb's Executive Order 17-05 continues the Office of Public Finance (view)
  • Governor Pence's Executive Order 13-03 that establishes a moratorium on all new regulations and orders OMB to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all existing rules in order to promote job creation, economic development, and greater economic freedom (view)
  • Visit the Indiana Transparency Portal, a joint project of OMB and the State Comptroller (view )

Public Notices and Historic Filings