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Natural Hazards Resiliency

Why should my local government complete this self-assessment?

Completing the self-assessment will help your local government evaluate potential impacts of natural hazards and consider planning and mitigation actions to increase resilience. Resilience, in the context of this self-assessment, is the ability to respond to, withstand, and adapt to the impacts of natural hazards. The assessment will also help your local government prepare to utilize certain funding opportunities related to resilience.

This self-assessment will assist the Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program (LMCP) in identifying, developing, and delivering technical resources to communities to reduce or prevent natural hazard risks. The LMCP is based on a watershed approach and operates within Northwest Indiana’s Lake Michigan watershed, the area of land that drains to Lake Michigan.

The assessment is not intended to rank communities against each other. Rather, this is an exercise to help communities consider actions that can build their resilience to coastal watershed hazards while also informing LMCP enhancement strategies. A general summary report of coastal resiliency needs will be posted to this page in early 2023.

Who should use this self-assessment?

Local government (municipal and county) staff and decision-makers of coastal watershed communities in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties should complete the assessment. Interdepartmental coordination is an important aspect of community resilience and is vital for ensuring your local government is prepared for potential natural hazard events. LMCP and NIRPC recommend that your local government convene a team of staff, elected officials, and board or commission members with diverse knowledge about local conditions, plans, policies, and operations and complete one assessment together. Consider representatives from the following departments:

  • emergency management
  • engineering
  • environmental, stormwater & MS4
  • marina operator/harbormaster
  • parks and recreation
  • planning and zoning
  • public works
  • transportation

How to Proceed

  • Download and review the assessment tool as fillable pdf or printable copy. (please link to docs)
  • Compile your local government’s team with the needed expertise to complete the assessment and work together to begin the assessment.
  • Reach out to Jen Birchfield at or (219) 254-2511 to schedule an introductory session or ask any questions if needed.
  • Complete the assessment by Friday, December 30, 2022, and submit it to Jen Birchfield at
  • Schedule a follow-up listening session with Jen Birchfield at or (219) 254-2511 by December 30, 2022.

This website is hosted by the State of Indiana but NIRPC is an independent unit of local government and is not a State agency. Click here to learn more about NIRPC.