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Placemaking Indiana

IHCDA's Placemaking Indiana initiative provides support to communities that are interested in implementing their own placemaking through research, technical assistance and funding opportunities.

Placemaking at IHCDA

Placemaking is about fostering places where people want to live, work and play. This type of place-based community revitalization is a powerful tool to achieve IHCDA’s Vision of “an Indiana with a sustainable quality of life for all Hoosiers in the community of their choice.”

Like many local and state entities, IHCDA already has placemaking embedded in some of its programs and policies, such as the Stellar Communities program and the Desirable Sites scoring category in the Qualified Allocation Plan.

In 2016, Placemaking Indiana was created to make the inclusion of placemaking in IHCDA’s work even more deliberate. The Placemaking Manager will accomplish this by providing education and resources about placemaking, implementing creative funding mechanisms, developing new partnerships and expanding IHCDA’s placemaking web presence to help increase awareness about placemaking in Indiana.

“As the IHCDA Placemaking Manager, my role is to encourage communities to think about place as the center of their revitalization efforts. I hope to bring IHCDA to the forefront of the placemaking movement in revitalizing Indiana’s neighborhoods, towns and regions.”
– Carmen Lethig, Placemaking Manager

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Placemaking 101
Placemaking Library
Examples of Placemaking in Indiana
Placemaking Indiana Blog
CreatINg Places
My Community, My Vision
Stellar Designation Program