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Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO)

What is a CHDO?
Advantages of Being an IHCDA CHDO
How to Be an IHCDA CHDO
CHDO Application and Forms
2017 CHDO Capactiy Building Series
Course Descriptions

What is a CHDO?

The Home Investment Partnership (HOME) Program is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant program administered by IHCDA. Per HUD HOME regulations defined at 24 CFR 92.2 and implemented at 92.300 and 92.500, IHCDA is required to reserve no less than 15% of their HOME allocation for Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs). A CHDO is a private nonprofit, community-based organization that has staff with the capacity to develop affordable housing for the community it serves. In order to qualify for designation as a CHDO, the organization must meet certain requirements pertaining to their legal status, organizational structure, and capacity and experience.

While applicants to IHCDA’s HOME Program may apply to do a range of activities, in order to count towards the 15 percent set-aside, the applicant must:

  • Be certified by IHCDA as a CHDO; and
  • It must act as the owner, developer, or sponsor of a project that is an eligible set-aside activity.

Advantages to Being an IHCDA CHDO

IHCDA uses HOME funds to provide special assistance to CHDOs and eligible entities seeking to become CHDOs. This assistance includes:

  • Project predevelopment loans;
  • Supplemental operating funds;
  • Use of HOME project proceeds; and
  • Capacity-building assistance.

How to be an IHCDA CHDO

Starting with 2017 funding rounds, IHCDA will amend its policies in a way that will give a significant advantage to IHCDA Certified CHDOs.  In anticipation of this IHCDA has launched a CHDO Technical Assistance & Capacity Building Program that provides special assistance to entities that are capable of carrying out CHDO activities.  This program will be open to existing (certified) CHDOs as well as those nonprofits seeking to become CHDOs.

The CHDO Capacity Building class schedule, course descriptions and registration information can be found below. Classes are free and are not required in order to submit a HOME CHDO application however it is strongly recommended that you attend in order to understand the requirements of the IHCDA CHDO program. There will be a scoring advantage in the 2017 HOME application and an offer for one-on-one technical assistance with HPG Network for those that complete all courses listed in this notice. Additionally, applications for 2017 CHDO Certification will be in conjunction with the 2017 HOME application or in conjunction with a Predevelopment or Seed Money application.

CHDO List and Coverage Map

Application and Forms

2018 CHDO Webinar

CHDO Application Workbook
Block Group Data
HUD CHDO Certification Checklist

HOME CHDO Predevelopment Fund Policy
HOME CHDO Predevelopment Fund Tabs
HOME CHDO Predevelopment Fund Application Forms

2017 CHDO Capacity Building Series

IHCDA and the High Performance Government network are co-hosting a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) and HOME Production Capacity Building Webinar Series in 2017. All webinars are free.

Dates and topics for each of the 10 webinar sessions are below. Registration for the CHDO Board 2.0 and 3.0 sessions is now available. To register, please contact Joy Hudson at joy@hpgnetwork.com.

Please contact Samantha Spergel, Director of Real Estate Production at sspergel@ihcda.in.gov for questions.

January 12 - CHDO 101 - CHDO Roles

February 8 - CHDO Board 1.0 - CHDO Board Accountability

March 7 - CHDO Board 2.0 - Succession Planning

March 14 - CHDO Board 3.0 - Board Financial Management and Managing Conflicts of Interest

April 11 - HOME Rental Guide

April 27 - HOME Homebuyer Guide

May 8 - Project Planning for HOME 1.0 - How to access the CHDO Pre-Development Fund and other Funding Sources

May 24 - Project Planning for HOME 2.0 - Working with the local community

June 13 - Capacity Building 1.0 - Organizational financing and Project Pipeline

June 28 - Capacity Building 2.0 - Staffing, experience and preparing the organization for HOME projects

Course Presentations

Click here to access the the CHDO Training Handbook.

Note:  All courses were set for one hour

CHDO 101: What is a CHDO and Why Become One?

Click here to access the CHDO 101 Power Point presentation

CHDO 201: How to Become Certified as a CHDO with IHCDA

Click here to access the CHDO 201 Power Point presentation

CHDO 301: IHCDA’s New CHDO Program

Click here to access the CHDO 301 Power Point presentation

CHDO 401: Predevelopment: Tools for Putting Together a Fundable Project

Click here to access the CHDO 401 Power Point presentation

CHDO 501: Predevelopment: Preparing Your Organization for Success

Click here to access the CHDO 501 Power Point Presentation


Click here to access a listing of Production and Compliance Real Estate contacts.