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Lead Protection Program

The Lead Protection Program is a partnership between the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) and the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) who are leading the State of Indiana’s effort to remediate lead-based paint hazards in targeted households in the state.

Resources for Homeowners/Renters/Landlords

Indiana Lead Protection Program offers qualified residents FREE services to help!  There is no cost, whether you own or rent your home.

Lead Protection Program Service Area - Updated August 5, 2019
Click here to access the Lead Protection Program Client Application (updated January 15, 2020)
Click here for the Spanish version of the Lead Protection Program Client Application (updated January 15, 2020)

2019 Lead Paint Safety  Field Guide

Do you have Lead in your home?

If any of the statements listed below apply to your household, you and your family may be at risk of lead paint poisoning. Please see below for informational brochures for both homeowners and contractors.

Signs you may have lead in your home include:

  • You have walls, furniture or window sills in your homewith chipping or peeling paint that was built or created before 1978
  • You have children who play in dirt near your home
  • You have recently had renovations done to your home
  • Your drinking water comes from lead pipes
  • Your child plays with toys made outside of the United States
  • Your neighbors’ children or child’s playmates have had a high lead blood test
  • You store food in pottery containers
  • You or someone you live with works where lead is used

You may qualify for the program if:

  • You live in a home constructed before 1978
  • You have a child under the age of 6 living in the home
  • You have a pregnant female living in the home
  • You have bare soil in the yard
  • You own or rent your home

Brochure for Homeowners - English Spanish
Brochure for Contractors - English Spanish

Funding Opportunities

The following is a brief description of each program and the requirements for each.

Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant: The LHRD funding will be used for the identification of lead hazards in 275 units and lead hazard control activities in 240 of those units occupied by children who have been lead poisoned or are at-risk of becoming lead poisoned. A full lead inspection and risk assessment must be conducted for each unit. All Lead hazard control work must be performed by a licensed lead abatement contractor. This funding targets six cities in Indiana: East Chicago, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Gary, Indianapolis, and South Bend.

LHRD Work Plan
LHRD Policy and Procedures Manual (updated October 23, 2019)
Lead Certification Forms
Click here to access and download other vital program documents (updated November 12, 2019)
LHRD Claims SOP and Forms (updated October 2, 2019)

Lead Community Action Program: The Indiana Community Action Assocation (INCAA), through funding by IHCDA, will oversee risk assessments for 144 ownersoccupied units throughout 82 eligible counties and conduct lead hazard control (interim controls and/or abatement) activities in approximately 144 units of the units. EPA certified firms and renovators are qualified to perform interim controls; however, any abatement activity must be performed by a licensed abatement contractor.

Lead Health Services Initiative:  The Indiana State Department of Health has $3,000,000 through the Children’s Health Initiative Program to perform lead inspections, risk assessments, lead hazard control activities, and clearance testing for 100 units in designated “high need” areas within Indiana. A full lead inspection and risk assessment must be conducted for each unit. All Lead hazard control abatement activities must be performed by a licensed lead abatement contractor.

Contractor Training Reimbursement Policy

The LHRD program was developed to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in eligible rental or owner-occupied housing. The purpose of this Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration (LHRD) Grant Contractor Training Reimbursement Policy is to increase the number of licensed lead abatement professionals throughout the State that can perform lead abatement activities and participate in its LHRD program and other lead abatement programs. IHCDA will reimburse eligible firms or organizations for eligible training costs related to lead abatement courses that their employee(s) register for, complete, pass (from an approved Indiana State Health Department (ISDH) accredited training facility) and receive a license.

Contractor Reimbursement Policy
Training Reimbursement Applicationn - Updated November 22, 2019


Please contact Dave Pugh, Lead Grant Manager, IHCDA, at 317-234-6289 or dpugh@ihcda.in.gov to receive information on these programs.