Homeless Planning Council

Data Collection and Evaluation

Contact: Lori Dimick

The Data Collection and Evaluation Committee will serve as a strategic advisory board for all data-gathering efforts of IHCDA as they relate to homelessness services. This will include direct oversight of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), involvement with the Point in Time (PIT) Count, and general performance and program evaluation, such as review of user feedback, development and implementation of uniform data standards across the Continua of Care, funding renewals, and strategic improvements in data usage across systems.

Quality and Performance

Rodney Stockment and Michael Hurst

The Quality and Performance Committee will be involved with performance monitoring, establishing and implementing best practices, and ensuring that training and project design are developed around adopted standards of quality. This committee will specifically work to implement the Corporation on Supportive Housing’s (CSH)Dimensions of Quality for housing and program development.

Housing and Program Continuum Development

Contacts: Lori Phillips-Steele and
Aimee Jacobsen

The Housing and Program Continuum Development Committee will work on inventory, needs assessment, pipeline development, and improvement strategies for Indiana’s continuum of homelessness solutions. This includes both housing units and related programs and services, ranging from prevention to temporary housing to permanent housing. This committee will strategically manage the development and evolution of this continuum, collaborating with the Indiana Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative and Institute, the Transformation Work Group, the Corporation on Supportive Housing, and numerous other stakeholders and leaders in Indiana’s efforts to end homelessness.

Funding and Strategies

Contact: Lori Dimick

The Funding and Strategies Committee will oversee the strategic planning involved with securing funding for projects aimed at ending homelessness in Indiana. This includes the McKinney Vento State Grant Application process. The committee will also work on other funding applications, educate local organizers on effective funding requests, and seek out new solutions and resources for project financing, development, and approval.

Coordinating Committee

Contact: Rodney Stockment

The Coordinating Committee of the Indiana Planning Council on the Homeless will work with each committee to establish goals and objectives. The Coordinating Committee will also assist the committees with their communication and public relations efforts in order to influence policy development and implementation. The Coordinating Committee will also provide vision, leadership, and support.