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HMIS Documents

Documents for HMIS Users & Agencies

2014 HMIS Standard Operating Procedures

How to Update Your User Profile

User Code of Ethics/New User Information
The User Code of Ethics must be completed by each individual before receiving a User Name and Password for HMIS. This form details the responsibilities of a HMIS user including confidentiality requirements. The New User Information Page must be completed by each individual user and then signed by their immediate supervisor before a User and Password can be created for access to the HMIS.

Agency Partner Agreement (updated 11.13)

Regional Super User/Administrator MOU

Security & Privacy Documents

Notice of Privacy Practices 
Intake Posting

Agency Websites

Security Audit Checklist (updated 12.13)- A checklist of items reviewed in each annual audit of HMIS programs.

Additional Documents & Resources

HMIS Paper Forms:

Training Material:

HUD Resources: