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Indiana Transparency Portal

The Indiana Transparency Portal (ITP) was created in 2010 to bring better visibility, openness, and accountability to Indiana State Government. The State Comptroller's Office has collaborated with the Management Performance Hub and the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to leverage data analytics and visualization tools to improve the ITP and take Indiana's transparency efforts to the Next Level. To learn more about the State's finances, go to the Indiana Transparency Portal.

ITP Project Overview PDF

Sponsors: AOS & IOT

The Old: Expenditure Search

When the Indiana Transparency Portal launched in 2010, analytical tools were limited. The State’s financial data was presented to the public in a table format with narrow filtering capabilities. The image to the left is a snapshot of the State’s expenditure data.

The amount and detail of the data was also limited due to the complexity of the data source and the vast number of rows that exist in the system. For example, a single expense could have multiple rows for various amounts with different codes and descriptions. This was difficult to show with the tools available at the time; therefore, data was aggregated to make sharing the information easier.

The New: Expenditure Search

New analytical tools and the expertise of employees with MPH and IOT have enabled Indiana to offer a significantly-enhanced presentation, ensuring that Hoosiers can access a meaningful and accessible picture of the State's financial data.

For those who want to utilize the information for their own research, the data is also available to download in an XLSX or CSV file on the Indiana Data Hub. More supporting detail is also available there.

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