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Medicaid Optimization

More than 1.4 million Hoosiers are covered by Medicaid. In 2016, this population accrued more than 47 million claims. While the size of Indiana's Medicaid system is impressive in its own right, the amount of relevant data resulting from the Medicaid system is staggering. 

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), in collaboration with MPH, released public datasets to unlock the value of this data and allow organizations to more effectively tackle healthcare challenges. These datasets can be accessed and downloaded via the Indiana Data Hub

Medicaid Optimization Overview PDF

Agency Sponsors:

  • FSSA

2017 Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge

On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, MPH co-hosted the Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge. We are very thankful to our partners; FSSA, the Indiana Chapter of HIMSS, the Regenstrief Institute, and KSM Consulting for making this event a success. More than 20 teams and 150 people participated in the event. To see some of the impactful visualizations and analysis that were done, click here.



Delivering Actionable Data

The public release of Medicaid data converges two important paths:

  1. Understanding how organizations and end users will use the data.
  2. Working to release HIPAA-compliant, de-identified data publicly that is helpful and relevant. 

Understanding how the data can be used and developing specific use cases with partners drove the preparation of meaningful, actionable data sets that both meet security requirements and fill a previously-unmet need.

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