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Vital Records

Looking to check out your family tree or the death history of your biological family? Vital records are located at the Wayne County Health Department and are available for public use. With records dating back to 1882, the Vital Records division provides both birth and death records to residents of Wayne County.

The Vital Records division also processes paternities, paternities upon marriage, and court-ordered legal changes of name.


  1. The birth or death occurrence was in Wayne County
  2. The requestor is of direct biological/marital relation to the requested
  3. Provision of proper signature identification. Signature IDs may include: Driver’s license, Military ID, State ID card, Valid Passport, Matricula Consular, Department of Correction ID (with signature), Medicare cards, and Medicaid cards (with signature). We prefer a DRIVERS LICENSE.

Pay Now for Birth or Death Certificate

It is your responsibility to verify that the birth or death occurred in Wayne County, Indiana.  You must complete the birth or death application and follow ALL instructions.  Failure to complete instructions or required criteria will result in termination of application.  No refunds will be issued.  Please email copy of receipt for on-line payment along with application and  ID.