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School Health Liaison

Photo of Ashley Helman

Ashley Helman

Contact Ashley at:

O: (574) 235-9750 x 7938

C: (574) 876-2003

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Ashley is a registered nurse who is dedicated to public health. She worked for the St. Joseph County Department of Health upon graduation from nursing school 20 years ago, and she was thrilled to return in 2022. While away from the Department of Health, Ashley garnered experience in nursing education, community health, student health, and obstetrics and gynecology. With over two decades of experience in healthcare, she knows her strengths in these areas could help schools connect to the training, resources, and support they need.

A school health liaison supports school health staff and administration to ensure a healthy school environment. Ashley is passionate about supporting school nurses in St. Joseph County so they can keep our students safe and healthy. With over 100 schools in St. Joseph County, Ashley continues to work to meet every nurse in person and make a personal connection with each one.

"We all want our kids to be healthy. We all want a healthy community. School nurses know what they need; they're in the trenches, working with students day in and day out. They just needed someone with a little extra bandwidth who could help support that work, and I hope they find exactly that help from the Department of Health through me." - Ashley Helman

Your School Health Liaison can connect you to:

  • Health information and education
  • Community partners
  • Physical resources
  • Support services for school staff