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Data and Reports

The Health Equity, Epidemiology and Data Reports 2022 by the St. Joseph County Department of Health provides an overview of all reports to define the burden of disease in SJC, understand how social and structural factors impact health in the county, and center community voices in creating a healthier county.

The Health Equity Report 2022 by the St. Joseph County Department of Health will help to:

  • Use data-driven approaches to document health outcomes and identify health disparities.
  • Examine the relationships between health disparities, social determinants of health, and systems of power.
  • Outline policies, practices, and programs in which the department, community organizations, and residents can engage to reduce and eliminate health disparities.
  • Implement interventions at multiple levels to achieve greater impact on health.
  • Enhance systems for data collection, sharing, evaluation, and analysis.
  • Develop and implement interventions to address root causes of health outcome.

Condensed version Health Equity Report 2022

The Burden of Disease 2020 Report by the St. Joseph County Department of Health will help to:

  • Identify the extent of disease burden in the county, and the opportunities to improve on the documentation of the health status of our community.
  • Plan interventions and deliver services towards disease prevention and control of disease spread.
  • Improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities and inequities in the county.
  • Establish a foundation and baseline metrics for the St. Joseph County Health Equity report.