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Roles & Responsibilities of the Board of Health

Board of Health Roles and Responsibilities

To be an effective Board of Health, each Board member is expected to:

  • Attend regularly scheduled board meetings
  • Attend scheduled assigned committee meetings
  • Commit to pre-reading all meeting materials for quality engagement during meetings
  • Support the work of the Department in areas of their individual expertise when asked
  • Be a strong, positive, advocate of the BOH agenda in public and private venues within their sphere of influence
  • Adhere to Board consensus once controversial matters are voted on by the entire Board (this would be active advocacy or at least non-maleficence to the idea)
  • Inform the Board President and/or Vice President prior to any media engagement that may have a bearing on the BOH
  • Assistance in identifying members for committee roles throughout the Department and, as needed, for BOH projects