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Professional Development Office

The Professional Development Office (PDO) supports the advancement and development of library staff in all Indiana libraries for improved services to the citizens of Indiana. The PDO includes specialists in the areas of programming, children’s services, continuing education opportunities, and services available from the Indiana State Library.

PDO Staff

(317) 232-3697 or (800) 451-6028 (Indiana only),

Deputy Director of Public and Statewide Services - Stephanie Asberry, 317-232-3734
Directs Indiana State Library Public Services, as well as the Professional Development Office, the Library Development Office and Management Information Services.

PDO Supervisor - Kara Cleveland, 317-232-3718,
Oversees the work of the Professional Development Office. Acts as the Regional Coordinator for the Indianapolis Public Library.

Children’s Services Consultant - Beth Yates, 317-517-1738,
Provides consulting and programming support in the area of children’s and young adult services.

Regional Coordinators act as liaisons for the Indiana State Library and libraries of all types in different regions of Indiana.

Northeast Regional Coordinator - Paula Newcom, 317-447-0452,
Special areas of expertise include public libraries, webpage development, INSPIRE, and reference services.

Northwest Regional Coordinator - Lacey Klemm, 317-691-5884,
Special areas of expertise include collection development, reference services, programming and grant writing.

Central Regional Coordinator - Meg Adams, 317-910-5777,
Special areas of expertise include public libraries, programming, cataloging, collection development, leadership, and graphic novels.

Southern Regional Coordinator - George Bergstrom, 317-447-2242,
Special areas of expertise include educational use of games, research strategies, and information literacy instruction.

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