Wabash County Civil War History

Wabash County – Civil War History
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Organizational History:

Wabash County furnished soldiers for the following Infantry Regiments: 8th, 13th, 17th, 21st, 39th, 46th, 47th, 51st, 75th, 89th, 101st, 118th, and 130th. The 21st was later the First Heavy Artillery. The majority of men in the 14th Battery of Light Artillery, known as Kidd’s Artillery under Captain Meredith H. Kidd, and a large number for the 4th and 13th Batteries of Light Artillery came from Wabash County. Men from Wabash County also served in the Eighth Cavalry.    

Scope and Content:

This hand-written history is divided into three envelopes. The first envelope has information beginning on April 15, 1861 and continuing through February 1865.  There are lists of the dead, as follows:
8th Regiment, Company F – pages 13 and 14
Company I – pages 14 and 15
17th Infantry – half of page 16
46th Infantry – page 17
47th Infantry, Company B – pages 23-25
Company D – pages 25-27.

The second envelope begins August 19, 1862 and ends July 19, 1865.  The roll of the dead are recorded thus:
Company I – pages 28-29
51st Infantry – page 29
75th Infantry, Company A – pages 36-37
89th Infantry, Company A – pages 49-50.

In the third envelope, information begins in August 1862 and continues to March 1865.  The names of deceased soldiers are listed in this manner:
101st Infantry, Company F – pages 61-62
101st Infantry, Company K – pages 62-64
108th Regiment, Companies H, K, G – pages 66-68
119th Regiment, Company L – pages 73-74
11th Cavalry (126th Regiment), Company L – page 78.

On the back of page 89, the author lists the units from Wabash County, but has drawn a line crosswise through the summary.     

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1 of 3 Pages 1-27 from April 15, 1861 to February 1865
2 of 3 Pages 28-50 from August 19, 1862 to July 19, 1865
3 of 3 Pages 51-89 (end) from August 1862 to March 1865

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