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African-American/Black History and Genealogy Research

This list of resources on African American history is just a small selection of materials that are available here in the different collections of Indiana State Library.  If you don’t find what you need on this list please ask one of our librarians and we will be happy to help you in your research.


Indiana Collection:

Anthrop, Mary (Ed.). (2000, March). Indiana Emigrants to Liberia. The Indiana Historian, 1-16.
ISLI 977.2 I385JN

Ball, C., & Fisher. (1862). Fifty years in chains, or, The life of an American slave. Indianapolis, IN: Asher & Co.
ISLI 326.9 B187F

Black history news & notes (Magazine). IN: Indiana Historical Society Library.
Indiana State Library holdings: 1979-Present.
ISLI 977.2 B628

Black Settlers in Indiana. (1993, February). The Indiana Junior Historian, 1-9.
ISLI 977.2 I385JN

Bolden, Clyde Nickerson. (2009). Indiana Avenue: Black Entertainment Boulevard. IN: Authorhouse.
ISLI 307.76 B687

Clifford, Eth. (1970). Freedom's road : a history of the black people in Indiana. IN: David Stewart Pub Co.
ISLI 325.26 C637F

The Freetown villager: an experience in black history (Magazine). IN: Freetown Village.
ISLI 977.201 M341IFR

Gibbs, Wilma L. (1993). Indiana's African-American heritage: essays from Black history news & notes. IN: Indiana Historical Society.
ISLI 977.2 I385ag (REFERENCE)

Gibbs, Wilma L. (1996). Selected African-American history collections. IN: Indiana Historical Society.
ISLI 016.9772 G442

Grimshaw, William H. (1903). Official history of freemasonry among the colored people in North America: tracing the growth of masonry from 1717 down to the present day. NY: Macoy Pub. & Masonic Supply.
ISLI 366.1 G865o

Hicks, Luther. (1977). Great black Hoosier Americans.
ISLO 920 NO. 28

Hine, Darlene Clark. (1981). When the truth is told: a history of Black women's culture and community in Indiana, 1875-1950. IN: National Council of Negro Women, Indianapolis Section.
ISLI 305.48 H662wh

Indiana’s 28th Regiment: Black Soldiers for the Union. (1994, February). The Indiana Historian, 1-15.
ISLI 977.2 I385JN

The Indianapolis Recorder celebrates 120 years. (2015). IN: The Indianapolis Recorder.
ISLI 071 I39r

January, Alan. (1986). A century of achievement: Black Hoosiers in the Indiana General Assembly, 1881-1986.

Kriese, Paul. (2015). In their own voices: African American women and democratic civic engagement in Indiana.
ISLI 305.48 K92i

Rawls, George H. (1984). History of the black physician in Indianapolis 1870 to 1980. IN: G.H. Rawls.
ISLI 610.9 R261H

Rogers, Carol. (2005, Summer). Black and White in Indiana. Indiana Business Review, 1-3.
ISLI 380 I385i

Pierce, Richard B. (2005). Polite Protest: The Political Economy of Race in Indianapolis, 1920-1970.
IN: Indiana University Press.
ISLI 323.1 P617p

Snowden, George. (1941). Negro Political Behavior: A Bibliography. IN: Indiana University Institute of Politics.
ISLO 16.325236 No. 1

Thornbrough, Emma Lou. (1957). The Negro in Indiana: A Study of a Minority. IN: Indiana Historical Bureau.
ISLO 326.85 no. 1

Thornbrough, Emma Lou. (1961). Segregation in Indiana during the Klan era of the 1920s. IA: Torch Press.
ISLO 326.85 no. 1

Thornbrough, Emma Lou. (1963). Since emancipation: a short history of Indiana Negroes, 1863-1963.

Thornbrough, Emma Lou (Ed.). (1972). Black reconstructionists. NJ: Prentice-Hall
ISLI 325.26 T497B

Thornbrough, Emma Lou. (1982). This far by faith: black Hoosier heritage. IN: Indiana Committee for the Humanities.
ISLI 977.2 T448

Thornbrough, Emma Lou. (2000). Indiana Blacks in the twentieth century. IN: Indiana University Press.
ISLI 325.26 T497I

Vincent, Stephen A. Southern Seed, Northern Soil: African-American Farm Communities in the Midwest,
1765-1900. IN: Indiana University Press, 1999. Print.
ISLI 307.72 V774S

We don’t intend to fall in anymore at the end of the parade. (1995, February). The Indiana Historian, 1  -13.
ISLI 977.2 I385JN

Williams, Beverly Ann. (1996). An annotated checklist of Indiana African-American newspapers and other publications.
ISLI 16 W721A

Genealogy Collection:

Linder, Bill R. Black genealogy: basic steps to research. Washington DC: National Archives and Records Service.
[Pam.] ISLM E172.A533 v. 36, no.2 (Feb. 1981)

Registers of Negro slaves, Indiana territory: Clark County, 1805-1810 and Knox County, 1805-1807, taken from the Hoosier genealogist, volume 17, number 3, p. 58-60, September, 1977.
[Pam.] ISLG 977.2 R UNCAT. NO. 1

Robbins, Coy. (1989). Source book: African American genealogy in Indiana. IN: Indiana African American Historical and Genealogical Society.
ISLG 929.11 N393RO

Taylor, Joe Gray. (1980, February). Blacks in Colonial America. Early American Life, 11, pp. 44-47, 76-77.
[Pam.] ISLG 929.11 U UNCAT. NO. 2

General Collection:

African Colonization pamphlets. (mid-1800s). IN: Indiana State Library.
[P.f.] ISLM 325.6 NO. 1

Association for the Study of African American Life and History (Magazine).
Indiana State Library holdings: 2002-Present.
ISLM E185.5 .N383

Black history bulletin (Magazine). MD: Association for the Study of African American Life and History.
Indiana State Library holdings: 2002-Present.
ISLM E185.5 .N383

Covey, H. C., & Eisnach, D. (2014). How the slaves saw the Civil War: recollections of the war through the WPA slave narratives. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.
ISLM E453 .C83 2014

Crew, S., Bunch, L., & Price, A.P. (Eds.) (2014). Slave culture: a documentary collection of the slave narratives from the Federal Writers' Project.
ISLM E444 .S55 2014 v.1-3

DuBois, W.E.B. (1935). Black reconstruction; an essay toward a history of the part which black folk played in the attempt to reconstruct democracy in America. NY: Harcourt, Brace and company.
ISLM 326.973 D816B

DuBois, W.E.B. (1939). Black folk, then and now; an essay in the history and sociology of the Negro race.
NY: H. Holt and company.
ISLM 572.96 D816B

DuBois, W.E.B. (1940). Dusk of dawn. NY: Harcourt.
ISLM 899 D816D

Equal justice under law... (1948). Washington, DC: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
[P.f.] ISLM 326.85 NO. 6

Gilbert, Alan. (2012). Black patriots and loyalists: fighting for emancipation in the war for independence.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
ISLM E269.N3 G55 2012

Gregory, James N. (2005). The southern diaspora: how the great migrations of Black and White Southerners transformed America. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.
ISLM HB1971.A3 G74 2005

Hughes, Langston. (1964). New Negro poets U. S. A. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
ISLI 811.08 H893N

Proctor, Samuel D. (1966). The young Negro in America, 1960-1980. NY: Association Press.
ISLM 326.85 P964Y  

Walker, Juliet E. K. (Ed.). (1999). Encyclopedia of African American business history. Westport, CT:
Greenwood Press.
ISLM HD2344.5.U6 E53 1999

Williams, George W. (1882). History of the negro race in America from 1619 to 1880, negroes as slaves, as soldiers, and as citizens together with a preliminary consideration of the unity of the human family, an historical sketch of Africa, and an account of the negro governments of Sierra, Leone, and Libera. NY.
ISLM 326 W723

Government Documents:

The African American odyssey. (1998). Washington, D.C: Library of Congress.
LC 1.2:OD 9

Davis, J.W., & Lane, J.H. (1852). Resolutions of the Legislature of Indiana, in favor of the adoption of measures for the suppression of the African slave trade, and the promotion of the colonization of free people of color. Washington, DC: A. Boyd Hamilton, Printer.
p.d. 328 G2c no. 95

Matney, William C. (1983). America's black population, 1970 to 1982: a statistical view. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.
C 3.268:83-1

Porter, W., & Dunning, P. (1848). Resolution of the Legislature of Indiana, asking aid of the general government for the American Colonization Society. Washington, DC: Tippin & Streeper, Printers.
p.d. 328 Gc v. 1 no. 105


African American Heritage U.S. Archives

African American History Online: A Resource Guide Library of Congress

African Americans and the United States Census
Includes over 40 resources from a number of collections inside and outside the Indiana State Library.

Government documents about African American History and Culture Indiana University

Selected African American Genealogical Resources
More in-depth genealogy collection materials



The Shining Star
July 15, July 29, August 29, 1922


The Evansville Argus
June 25, 1938-October 22, 1943

Consolidated News
March 1, 1946; March 15-28, 1946;
July 12, 19, 1946; August 2-November 1, 1946;
November 15, 1946-January 10, 1947;
January 24-February 28, 1947;
March 14, 21, 1947;
May 2, 1947; July 2, 1948

Our Times
June 10, 1994

Fort Wayne

Frost Illustrated
January 2, 1985-February 27, 1991
March 25, 1992-present


Gary American
January 1, 1937-December 28, 1951;
January 6, 1956-October 20, 1961;
January 18-December 21, 1963
1970-1991 scattered dates

Gary Crusader
August 21, 1971-December, 1977;
September, 1978-December 1993;
October 8, 1994-November 5, 1994;
November 2, 1994-Present
January 4-December 27, 1986

June 3, 1982-December, 1993;
October 13, 1994-March 29, 1995

All Gary black newspapers are weekly. They represent different groups in Lake County Democratic Party.
Freeman local news is from a number of Indiana black communities.

The Freeman was a national black newspaper and carried extensive news of black variety show performers and entertainers.


The Directory
January 2, 1897-March 12, 1898

The Freeman
February 6, 1892-December 29, 1948;
October 14, 1896;
January 2, 1897-December 31-1898;
January 2, 1915-December 28, 918;
July, 1919-December 25, 1920;
January 19-November 1, 1924

Indiana Freeman
November 23, 1844; March 21, 1846;
June 6, 1846

Henry W. Depuy-publisher was a mulatto
Hoosier Herald
June 13, 1953-September 19, 1957
September 26, 1953-May 11, 1957

Indiana Herald-Times
October 26, 1957-May 28, 1960

Indiana Herald
June 25, 1960;
January-December 1978;
March 24, 1979-February 27, 1993
July 2, 1960-December 16, 1961;
January 1971-December 1995

The Leader
(first black newspaper in Indianapolis)
August 30, 1879;
November 29, 1879-June 5, 1880;
July 3, 1880;
July 17, 1880-June 24, 1882

Marion County Banner
October 23 and December 11, 1981;
February 26 and July 1, 1982

Mid-Western Post
April 16, 1943-April 19, 1947

The Recorder
January 7, 1899-January 8, 1910

The Indianapolis Recorder
January 15, 1910-December 30, 1916;
January 2, 1826-June 1995
July 1995-present
Includes Victory-Progress Edition, July 7, 1945, about 150 pages

Indianapolis Visions
January 15, 1983;
November 1, 1983-May 13, 1986

The Indianapolis Voice
September 27, 1957-December 27, 1958

Indianapolis World
January 7-December 29, 1988;
January 9, 1982-December 29, 1900;
January 3, 1903-June 30, 1917;
October 27, 1917-March 25, 1932

World Telegram
August 12, September 2, November 18, 25,
December 2, 9, 30, 1939;
January 20, February 10, 24,
August 3, 10, 24, 1940


Community Messenger
October 14, 1981-December 29, 1982


The Colored Visitor
(first black newspaper published in Indiana) --
August 1, 1879,
Photostat, microfilm


Community Express
March 20, 1980-March 23, 1981

Contact News
January 31, 1977-February 14-1980


The Muncie Times
March 13, 1991


The Richmond Glade
May 28, June 4, 18, September 17, 18,
October 1, 8, 15, 29, November 5, 1920

Please check with a librarian for any assistance you may need.

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