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Selected African American Genealogical Resources

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Print Resources

Curt Bryan Witcher

African American genealogy: a bibliography and guide to sources

ISLG 016.92911 N393W

Paula K. Byers

African American genealogical sourcebook

Barbara K. Henritze.

Bibliographic checklist of African American newspapers ISLG 016.92911 N393H

David T. Thackery

Finding your African American ancestors: a beginner's guide

ISLG 929.11 N393th

Case studies in Afro-American genealogy

ISLG 929.11 N393T

Frazine K. Taylor

Researching African American genealogy in Alabama: a resource guide

ISLG 976.1 T238RAA

Herbert G. Gutman

The Black family in slavery and freedom, 1750-1925

ISLG 929.11 N393GU

Ira V. Brown

The Negro in Pennsylvania history

ISLG 974.8 B878N

Daughters of the American Revolution

African American and American Indian patriots of the Revolutionary War

ISLG 973.34 A11AF

Franklin A. Dorman

Twenty families of color in Massachusetts: 1742-1998

ISLG 974.4 D712T 2010

Jeanette Braxton Secret

Guide to tracing your African American Civil War ancestor

ISLG 929.11 N393B

Coy D. Robbins

Source book: African American genealogy in Indiana

ISLG 977.2 R632s

African American soldiers from Indiana with the Union Army in the Civil War, 1863-1865   ISLG 973.7 I39R

Reclaiming African heritage at Salem, Indiana

ISLG 977.202 S163R

Forgotten Hoosiers: African heritage in Orange County, Indiana

ISLG 977.201 O63RO

African heritage in Morgan County, Indiana

ISLG 977.201 M847ro

Indiana Negro registers, 1852-1865

ISLG 977.2 I385i

Black pioneers in Indiana

ISLG 977.2 B627

Barbara W. Brown, James M. Rose

Black roots in southeastern Connecticut, 1650-1900

ISLG 974.6 B877BL

William J. Walls

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; reality of the Black church

ISLG 929.11 N393W

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: Burke, Lincoln, and Rowan Counties

ISLG 975.601 B959B 2008

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: Chowan County

ISLG 975.601 C552BY

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: Pasquotank County

ISLG 975.601 P284B

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: McDowell County

ISLG 975.601 M138B 2007

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color. Mecklenburg, Gaston, and Union counties

ISLG 975.601 M487BY 2007

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: Hyde and Beaufort counties

ISLG 975.601 H993B 2020

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: Stokes and Yadkin counties

ISLG 975.601 S874B 2007

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: Perquimans County

ISLG 975.601 P453B

North Carolina slaves and free persons of color: Iredell County

ISLG 975.601 I65B 2007

Dorothy S. Provine

Alexandria County, Virginia: free negro registers, 1797-1861

ISLG 975.501 A3825P 2012

District of Columbia free Negro registers, 1821-1861

ISLG 975.3 P969DI 2015

Nova Law

African American genealogy workbook: finding your roots

ISLG 929.11 N393L

African American cemeteries and their history of Choctaw County, Alabama

ISLG 976.101 C545L

Luther Porter Jackson

Virginia negro soldiers and seamen in the Revolutionary war

ISLG 973.34 V817J

Free Negro labor and property holding in Virginia, 1830-1860

ISLG 975.5 J13F 2020

Franklin Carter Smith & Emily Anne Croom

A genealogist's guide to discovering your African American ancestors: how to find and record your unique heritage

ISLG 929 S647G

Tony Burroughs

Black roots: a beginner's guide to tracing the African American family tree

ISLG 929.11 N393BU

Jerome Liddy

The African American military experience in the Civil War: an annotated bibliography of selected articles

ISLG 973.7 A11LID

Dee Parmer Woodtor

Finding a place called home: a guide to African American genealogy and historical identity

ISLG 929.11 N393WF

Roberta Hughes Wright and Wilbur B. Hughes III

Lay down body: living history in African American cemeteries

ISLG 929.11 N393H

Michael A. Ports

Georgia free persons of color

ISLG 975.8 P8537G 2015

Paul Heinegg

Free African Americans of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina from the colonial period to about 1820

ISLG 975.6 H468f 2005

Free African Americans of Maryland and Delaware: from the colonial period to 1810

ISLG 975.2 H468F

Roger A Peterson

African Americans found in Owen County, Indiana records, 1819-1880

ISLG 977.201 O97PT

Margaret Peckham Motes

Free Blacks and mulattos in South Carolina 1850 census

ISLG 975.7 M917F

Sue Pearson Carpenter and Margaret Lamb Atchley

West Haven, an African American Cemetery in New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana: sometimes recorded in death records as Rest Haven, West Street, West Union and Colored Cemetery

ISLG 977.201 F645W

Juanita Patience Moss

Forgotten Black soldiers who served in white regiments during the Civil War

ISLG 973.7 M913FO 2008

Marlene Garrett Bransom

African American marriages in the "Afro-American notes" of the Pittsburgh press, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1896 - June 15, 1930

ISLG 974.802 P692AFB

African American deaths in the "Afro-American notes" of the Pittsburgh press, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1896 - June 1, 1930

ISLG 974.802 P692AFA

Angela Y. Walton-Raji

Black Indian genealogy research: African American ancestors among the Five Civilized Tribes

ISLG 929.11 N393WB 2007

Lloyd Preston Terrell

Blacks in Augusta: a chronology, 1741-1977

ISLG 975.802 A923T

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

In search of our roots: how 19 extraordinary African Americans reclaimed their past

ISLG 929.11 N393gata

Dawne Slater-Putt

The people of Bassett-Ellis and Rush African-American settlements, Ervin and Clay townships, Howard County, Indiana, 1840-1920

ISLG 977.201 H853SL

Eric G. Grundset,

Forgotten patriots: African American and American Indian patriots in the Revolutionary War: a guide to service, sources and studies

ISLG 973.34 A11FO

Robert Ewell Greene

Black courage, 1775-1783: documentation of Black participation in the American Revolution

ISLG 973.34 A11GB

Sandra Barlau

Some slaves of Virginia: the cohabitation registers of 27 February 1866 from the Lost Records Localities Digital Collection of the Library of Virginia

ISLG 975.5 B2575s

Some slaves of Fauquier County, Virginia

ISLG 975.501 F264BA

Some slaves of Caroline County, Virginia: will books 19, 29, 30, 31 and 32 and guardian's book

ISLG 975.501 C292B

Some slaves of Prince William County, Virginia: partial will books 1734-1872

ISLG 975.501 P956B

Some slaves of Rappahannock County, Virginia: will books A to D, 1833-1865 and Old Rappahannock County, Virginia will book 1 and 2, 1664-1682

ISLG 975.501 R221B

James Avery Smith

The history of the Black population of Amherst, Massachusetts, 1728-1870

ISLG 974.202 A515SM

James W. St. G. Walker

The Black loyalists: the search for a promised land in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone, 1783-1870

ISLG 929.11 N393WA

William Henry Williams

Slavery and freedom in Delaware, 1639-1865

ISLG 975.1 W728S

Bill Reaves, Beverly Tetterton

North Carolina Freedman's Savings & Trust Company records

ISLG 975.6 N864F

Robert Conalty Webber

Saint Rita's Catholic Church and Father Bernard L. Strange   ISLG 977.202 I388WSR

The Black and mulatto population of Hamilton County, Ohio and the Cincinnati additions but excluding the city of Cincinnati as taken from the censuses of 1870 and 1860 respectively

ISLG 977.101 H222BL

Anne C. Bailey

The weeping time: memory and the largest slave auction in American history

ISLG 975.8 B155W

Mary L. Jackson Fears

Slave ancestral research: it's something else

ISLG 929.11 N393F

Melvin J. Collier

Mississippi to Africa: a journey of discovery

ISLG 929.2 C699CO 2012

Helen Cox Tregillis

River roads to freedom: fugitive slave notices and sheriff notices found in Illinois sources

ISLG 977.3 T7865R

Eunice Brewer-Trotter

Black in Indiana

ISLG 929.2 C592T

Heather Andrea Williams

Help me to find my people: the African American search for family lost in slavery

ISLG 929.11 N393WI

Internet Links

African American newspapers available through Chronicling America

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society

Black Cemetery network -

Hoosier State Chronicles -

Indiana newspapers that have been digitized and are available for free. Some of the papers included are Indianapolis Leader, Evansville Argus, Indianapolis Recorder, Muncie Times and the Colored Visitor.

Freeman Bureau Records

The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands (Record Group 105), also known as the Freedmen’s Bureau, was established in the War Department by an act of Congress on March 3, 1865. The Bureau was responsible for the supervision and management of all matters relating to the refugees and freedmen and lands abandoned or seized during the Civil War, duties previously shared by military commanders and US Treasury Department officials.

Family Search African American Genealogy Records Wiki

Indiana African American Genealogy Group

Slave Voyages - The Slave Voyages website is a collaborative digital initiative that compiles and makes publicly accessible records of the largest slave trades in history.


African-American/Black History and Genealogy Resources

This list of resources on African American history is just a small selection of materials that are available here in the different collections of Indiana State Library.

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