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ARPA Grants for Indiana Libraries

The Indiana State Library is pleased to announce that it has received $3,471,810 as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to support libraries and library services in the State of Indiana.  ARPA funds are being administered under the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ (IMLS) Grants to States program.

The Indiana State Library will use a majority of these funds to disburse sub-grants to eligible Indiana public and academic libraries.  Libraries may request between $5,000 and $100,000 in federal funds. No local cash match is required. The grants are in the form reimbursement grants.

The purpose of this grant program is to help communities respond to the pandemic, as well as to address related economic and community needs through equitable approaches.  Please see the manual. Presentation slides and Video from July 23, 2021 Directors presentation.

Funds can only be spent according to the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).  ARPA funds cannot be used for land, construction, expansion, or many types of renovation, nor can they be used for advocacy or lobbying.

Funds may be used to pay for subscriptions or ongoing services, but may not be used to pay for said services beyond the grant period ending September 30, 2022.

Grant recipients requesting materials that provide Internet access must be Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant.


ARPA Sub-Grant Interim Report
ARPA Sub-Grant Final Report
ARPA Sub-Grant Financial Final Report
ARPA Sub-Grant Financial Final Report Instructions


Anyone receiving a ARPA LSTA State Grant will need to report it on the annual financial report for the SBOA. You’ll need to have the following information:

  • Federal Program Title/Project Name: LSTA ARPA State Grants
  • Federal Agency:  Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • Pass Through Agency:    Indiana State Library
  • Assistance Listing Number (previously called the CFDA Number): 45.310
  • (Local) Award Name: LSTA ARPA State Grants
  • (Local) Award Number: LS-250210-OLS-21

ARPA funds from other government agencies will have their own unique identifiers.


ARPA LSTA Expenditure Report Instructions
ARPA LSTA Claim for Reimbursement


August 9, 2021 Applications due
August-September 2021 Grants awarded, applicants notified via email, contracts emailed
September-October 2021 Project begins when contract is complete
March 1, 2022 Interim report due
July 30, 2022 Grant amount expended by
August 15, 2022 Reimbursement requests due
September 30, 2022 Final reports due Registration Required to Receive ARPA Funds

If your library intends to apply for any subgrants, please make sure your have obtained a DUNS number or a registration – this information will be required on all subgrant applications per IMLS. To obtain a DUNS number, please apply through or calling 1-844-235-0039. Note that a registration will be required by IMLS beginning on April 1, 2022.

Read the full April 15 Pre-Award Treasury Guidance here.

Read an explanation of SAM registration.  Start SAM registration process.

Questions?  Please email

Review the Managing Your ARPA Grant 2021 Manual for eligibility, application, and administrative information, including audits, reporting, and publicity.

Review the Presentation Slides or Video from July 2021 Directors Presentation.

Category Item (including but not limited to) Requires CIPA Compliance
General Tech Cabling for computers to allow for social distancing  
  Computers (laptops, desktops, LTE Chromebooks, tablets) Yes
  Contactless checkout/check-in of materials  
  Digital readers  
  Failover router  
  Hotspots Yes
  LTE routers/antennas  
  Material Sorters  
  Network boosters/extenders/wi-fi boosters on roof Yes
  RFID tags for materials (new, to allow touchless checkout)  
  Routers/modems Yes
  Satellite dishes  
  Security cameras/security systems  (for outside to monitor wi-fi accessible areas)  
  Security devices for materials/technology/security gates  
  Self-checkout stations  
  Studio/AV production equipment for online programming  
  Website development   
  Whiteboards/Smart boards Yes, if wi-fi enabled
  Wi-fi kiosks for remote use Yes
  Wireless access points/mesh extenders/wi-fi extenders/repeaters Yes
  Wireless printing software   
Meeting room technology Accessibility upgrades  (no construction allowed)  
  Digital screens/TV  
  Microphones (stand, wireless) / voice amplifiers  
  Potable sound systems  
  Smart boards Yes
  Speakers for PA system  
  Virtual meeting/conferencing equipment  
  Virtual meeting/conferencing software  
  Virtual programming software  
  Virtual scheduling software (programs, curbside, computer use, etc.)  
Digital Content eBooks, downloadable audiobooks  
  Online magazines  
  Streaming video  
Mobile Digital Lab Book bikes  
  Computers (laptops, desktops, LTE Chromebooks, tablets) Yes
  Network boosters/extenders Yes
  Outreach vehicles, bookmobiles  
  Portable Router Yes
  Vehicles such as busses, vans  
Workforce Development Dedicated space for social worker/employment specialist/etc.  (could purchase cubical type of walls, desks, chairs, computers, but no construction of permanent walls)  
Pandemic Relief Furniture to provide barriers/distance (furniture must be approved prior)  
  Hand Sanitizer stands, sanitizer  
  HVAC upgrades (would have to meet no construction mandate)  
  Plexiglass shields / Transaction Screens  
  PPE (gloves, masks, cleaning materials, plexiglass shields etc.)  
Assessments (consultant fees) Bringing fiber to the library  
  Internal network: wireless access points, wi-fi boosters  
  Library Space  
  Technology (status and needs)  
Outdoor spaces + wi-fi access Outdoor charging benches for devices/computers Yes, if wi-fi enabled
  Outdoor furniture (only if related to grant project)  
  Outdoor heaters  
  Pergola (can purchase pergola, but no installation costs)  
  Solar umbrellas  
  Story Walks books & posts  (no installation)  
  Wireless access points/mesh extenders/wi-fi extenders/repeaters Yes
Other Print collection (must be tied to a grant project or programming)  
  Furniture (must be tied to a grant project or programming)  
  Lockers for permanent hotspot/computer/device storage  
  Secure lockers for outside/remote pickup of materials, after hours (no installation costs) Yes, if wi-fi enabled
  Sponsor non-resident cards  
  Technical support and/or training during grant period  
  Un-upholstered furniture (must be part of a larger project to be allowable)

(FAQs will be added to as the timeline progresses.)

  1. What are ARPA funds?

    Signed in March 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), through the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), is able to provide funding to support libraries and library services in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Territories.  The funding is to be used by September 30, 2022 and is being distributed through the LSTA program to help libraries and their communities respond directly and immediately to the pandemic, as well as to related economic and community needs through equitable approaches.  The Indiana State Library (ISL) has received $3,471,810 to support libraries and library services in this capacity.  ISL will use a majority of these funds to provide support to libraries in the form of sub-grants.

  2. When is the application deadline?

    The ARPA grant applications must be submitted on or before August 9, 2021.

  3. What is the total amount of money that libraries can request from these funds?

    Each eligible public and academic library may request between $5,000 and $100,000 in federal funds.

  4. What makes a library eligible?

    All public and academic libraries meeting IMLS’s eligibility criteria for libraries are eligible to apply.
    Additionally, applicants must:

    • Be located in Indiana
    • Be compliant with federal and state statutes and regulations
    • Be compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) (school media centers and public libraries)
    • Meet Indiana Public Library Standards (public libraries)
  5. Why are you asking about things that cost $5,000 or more?

    Under Federal regulations (2 CFR §200.439), any single item that costs over $5,000 needs prior approval from IMLS. We'll ask you for information on what the item is, who/what it is for, what the purpose is, cost, and what goal it contributes to in Indiana’s five-year plan. You’ll also need attach a copy of the quote and a product brochure or website link about the item.

  6. Do I need to get bids or quotes for expenses?

    For purchases of less than $10,000 total, you do not need to compare quotes. For purchases of $10,000 or more, you must compare at least three quotes from qualified sources. (Federal rule, 2 CFR §200.320) You do not need to go through a formal RFP process.

  7. Do I need actually have to spend all the money by the deadline of July 30, 2022, or can I just encumber the money?

    The grants funds must be spent by July 30, 2022.

  8. Can we spend money on something not on the list of allowable expenses?

    IMLS has strict guidance on how the grant money can be spent. A list of allowable expenses was created for your ease of reference.  You are welcome to contact us at to check on allowability if you have something else in mind.  Please also see 2 CFR §200.

  9. If I’ve already received federal aid in the form of CARES funds, am I eligible for ARPA?
    Yes, you are!

Thank you for your interest. The deadline to apply was August 9th, 2021.

LDO AF 7-27-2022