UPP Account

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) is dedicated to improving pipeline safety through public awareness, training and education, and incentive programs. Protecting Hoosiers and our vital infrastructure is the top priority.

What is the UPP Account?

The UPP Account was created by Indiana Code (IC) 8-1-26-24 with the express purpose of funding positive outreach to minimize underground facility damages. The account itself receives its funding through the penalties assessed to excavators and gas line operators who violate Indiana's "Call Before You Dig" Law.

What can UPP Account funds be spent on?

Per IC 8-1-26-24, funds from the UPP Account may only be allocated to improve the safety of Indiana's underground plant resources through:

  • Public awareness programs concerning underground plant protection
  • Training and educational programs for contractors, excavators, locators, operators, and other persons involved in underground plant protection
  • Incentive programs for contractors, excavators, locators, operators, and other persons involved in underground plant protection to reduce the number of violations of the Call Before You Dig Law.

Who determines what the funds will be spent on?

The UPP Account is overseen by:

Committee Members
Commission Chair Commissioner
UPP Account Project Manager General Counsel
Director of Pipeline Safety Executive Director of External Affairs
Executive Director of Technical Operations Chief Administrative Law Judge


The use of UPP Account funds is informed by comments and suggestions received from the public, including excavators, operators, and locators. Pipeline safety affects the life of every Hoosier.  

Do you have an idea that would improve pipeline safety?

If you have a general idea you would like to see implemented with UPP Account funds, you can always submit your idea for improved public awareness, training opportunities, or an incentive program directly to UPP Account Program Manager Darby Miller by filling out a suggestion form by visiting our Suggest a Use for UPPA page below. We are always interested in working with members of the safety community to find new and innovative ways to improve our buried facility safety.

If you have a specific idea you would like funded with UPP Account funds (including timeline, budget, target audience, etc.) or you would like to see current UPP Account grants or review a sample grant agreement, please visit our UPPA Grant Requests page.

If you would like more information about our government agency training program, please visit our Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant page.   


The IURC is dedicated to keeping the public informed. Regular updates will be posted regarding UPP Account activities. To stay up-to-date automatically, subscribe by clicking on the email icon to the left of this paragraph.

Subscribers will be automatically notified whenever updates are made. These updates include: monthly account status updates, research findings and reports, public stakeholder meeting opportunities, important timelines, Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) opportunities, or disclosures of project selections.

All spending of UPP Account funds strictly follow State of Indiana procurement rules per Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) and Indiana Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requirements.

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