Performance & Accountability

Performance Measurement holds government accountable for the results they produce. This page provides links to performance measuring reports for State Agencies , Schools and Local Government. Please click on one of the links below to view the performance measurement reports.

Performance Measure Dashboard

Performance Measure Dashboard
This dashboard allows users to view and track the performance of state programs. View the data by agency, program, or track the results by budget fund.

Economic Development Information

IEDC Transparency Portal
In this portal users will find data on economic development projects that the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) undertakes as well as contracts and professional service agreements that the IEDC has established with individual companies.

Other Performance Reports

Dollars to the Classroom
Each year, the Office of Management and Budget releases a report of Indiana school corporations’ ratio of student instructional expenditures to all other expenditures.

State Agency Audits
The State Board of Accounts audits state agencies. You can view these audits using this web index of Audit Reports. The index is updated each day with reports released the previous day.

Indiana Conservation Partnership Reports
On this Indiana State Department of Agriculture webpage, you can find statewide and county level information on conservation investments made with local, state and federal funding.  You can view funding levels, funding specific programs and counties, and county level success stories for Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

Related Agencies:

A division of the Office of Management and Budget, the Government Efficiency and Financial Planning division develops and manages agency performance metrics, conducts overall agency efficiency reviews and develops cross agency delivery of service initiatives.  For more information visit:

As an agency of the executive branch, the State Board of Accounts (SBOA) audits the financial statements of all governmental units within the state, including cities, towns, utilities, schools, counties, license branches, state agencies, hospitals, libraries, townships, and state colleges and universities. The agency, as a part of the audit process, renders opinions on the fairness of presentation of the various units financial statements in accordance with the same professional auditing standards required of all independent audit organizations. Investigatory audits are performed to reveal fraud or noncompliance with local, state and federal statutes.  For more information visit SBOA’s webpage at: