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Residential Program

Founded in 1847, the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a school that challenges its students to maximize their potential for achievement, to discover interests and talents outside the classroom, to become culturally sensitive and minded, and to develop the necessary confidence for independence. ISBVI places a strong emphasis on the development of students as a whole.
Students who live beyond a reasonable distance to be transported to school on a daily basis who reside in the dormitory:
* Learn how to utilize time effectively and manage commitments
* Gain academic advantage by establishing good working habits in a structured environment
* Experience a vast array of extra-curricular activities which take place outside the school day
* Encounter a diverse and multicultural environment
Students have a sense of belonging and know that they are accepted as individuals; while living in a community setting.   Living within this community setting allows for development of necessary life skills, problem solving, acceptance and compromise. In addition, the dormitories are a place to unwind, study, hang out with friends, listen to music, play games and find time to themselves.  The experience of living together on campus helps students to bond and forge lifelong connections.
Each dormitory is staffed with Residential Mentors who provide leadership and role modeling to students under their supervision. Residential Mentors are responsible for ensuring that daily routines are completed, maintaining order within the dormitory while implementing necessary disciplinary procedures, performing daily inspections of rooms and common area, and monitoring and instructing individual student needs.

Semi-Independent Living

ISBVI supports the need to develop independent living skills for students who will be transitioning soon to post-secondary education or adult life. This program is designed to provide instructional assistance in a small group residential home environment in order to develop this skill set.  Students work on cooking, cleaning, basic home maintenance skills, money and time management, and general organizational skills in houses located adjacent to the dormitories. This opportunity is available to Junior and Senior students who demonstrate self-sufficiency within the dormitory setting.  Applications are excepted each semester for interested students.


ISBVI offers a wide array of recreational and leisure experiences for students. Students have the opportunity to develop balance in their social interactions, increase their self-esteem, gain new experiences, increase their awareness of leisure resources, and develop culturally and emotionally all while having fun with peers. Students can select and participate in recreational activities that are offered on and off campus. The Recreation Coordinator, in collaboration with the recreation staff, monitor student activities during the time frame of 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Activities vary widely and may include swimming, walking on the Monon Trail, bowling, fishing, billiards, basketball, cooking, skating, trips to local museums, concerts, festivals and local restaurants to name a few. Parent and student suggestions for activities are always welcome.