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ISBVI Art & Outreach Departments Present:

VIEWPOINT: A Student Artwork Showcase, Spring 2024

Exhibition description:

The exhibition will be presented as a virtual online gallery with image description and student artist’s statements.

Rules and process to exhibit:

1.  All students participating  must have a visual impairment. All grade levels PreK-12 may participate.

2.  Each student may submit one artwork. All media are accepted.

3.  The work must be the original creation of the student with minimal physical assistance from instructors. Collaborations among student artists are welcomed.

4.  The entry form at must be filled out.

5.  High-quality digital files should be emailed to Laura Schroeder at For 2-D and 3-D artworks, you may submit up to three images if necessary to show dimension and texture of the piece (different angles and/or close-ups). Video files should be submitted for video and installation artworks.

6.  The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase and celebrate student artwork. It is not a contest and our intention is to display all submitted artworks. There are no limitations on theme or content as long as the imagery is school-appropriate.

7.  Information is provided in the entry form about American Printing House’s annual national juried art exhibition and competition for artists who are visually impaired and blind, "APH Insights.” While our exhibition is not affiliated with American Printing House, we would like to make sure students and teachers are aware of this opportunity and we are happy to help in any way we can to support participation by Indiana students.

Braille Institute's Indiana's Regional Braille Challenge and Cane Quest are back at ISBVI on January 27 & 28, 2024!

2024 Braille Challenge  Braille Challenge Logo 2022

Braille Challenge is the only academic competition of its kind in North America that motivates students to practice and develop their braille literacy skills. It is open to students in grades 1-12 to compete in five skill areas: braille reading & comprehension, speed & accuracy, spelling, proofreading, and tactile graphics.

Please register with this form by December 22:

Braille Challenge Permission Form

2024 Cane Quest  Cane Quest Logo

Cane Quest is an orientation and mobility skills contest that provides blind and visually impaired youth in grades 3-12 a unique opportunity to test their navigation and cane skills in real world environments. Please register by filling out the Parent form AND the appropriate level application forms by December 22.

Cane Quest Parent Form


Cane Quest Scouts Application (grades 3-6)


Cane Quest Explorers/Trailblazers Application (grades 7-12)