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  • Going to Small Claims Court without a Lawyer
  • Find a Legal Aid Provider
  • Family Matters
  • Getting a Protection Order
  • Court Forms

Have a Legal Question? is a system that allows eligible clients to post legal questions to a private, confidential messaging system. The questions are answered by private attorneys at no cost to the client.

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Self-Service Legal Center

Representing Yourself in Court
What you need to know.

Getting Legal Help
Find a lawyer to take your case.


Court Forms
Electronic and printable form packets with instructions.


Getting a Protection Order
Resources for requesting an order and getting shelter.

Legal Research
Links to laws, rules, procedures and other online resources.



The Role of this Website

This website was created to provide valuable information, court forms, and various resources for people who represent themselves in court. It should be noted, however, that self-representation should not be taken lightly, and that there are many instances in which hiring an attorney is a good idea. In fact, we suggest that even if you use the forms provided on this site, you still talk with an attorney prior to submitting them to a court.

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