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Project Updates and News

With the release of the I-69 Section 6 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) in February 2018, the project moved from the environmental phase to the pre-construction development phase.  For planning purposes, the I-69 Section 6 corridor has been broken into five segments:

  • Martinsville – just south of Indian Creek to one mile north of SR 44
  • Morgan County 1 – one mile north of SR 44 to one mile north of Henderson Ford Road
  • Morgan County 2 – one mile north of Henderson Ford Road to one mile south of SR 144
  • Johnson County – one mile south of SR 144 to one half mile north of Wicker Road
  • Marion County – one half mile north of Wicker Road to I-465

Construction will begin with the Martinsville segment in early 2019, and will essentially move north. Before construction anywhere in the corridor can begin, real estate must be acquired and the roadway must be designed.

Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN) was awarded the contract to coordinate real estate activity for the entire corridor, including appraisals, acquisitions, relocations and demolitions.  All of those activities are ongoing with a focus on Martinsville.  The project team has conducted more than 600 initial “kitchen table meetings” with potentially impacted residents and businesses throughout the corridor.

Each Section 6 segment will have a separate design consultant:

  • Martinsville -   HNTB
  • Morgan County 1 – Crawford, Murphy and Tilly, Inc.
  • Morgan County 2 – WSP USA, Inc.
  • Johnson County – Lochmueller Group, Inc.

Design, procurement and construction of the Marion County segment is still to be determined.

Construction on I-69 Section 6 will begin in Martinsville with three traditionally procured INDOT contracts: offline, mainline and “other.” 

  • The offline contract let December 12, 2018 and was awarded to Milestone Contractors.  Utility relocation and construction will begin in early 2019.  Offline work includes a number of improvements that will help with connectivity and mobility, such as constructing the new local access road Artesian Avenue, building the Grand Valley Boulevard overpass and extending Grand Valley Boulevard to intersect with Cramertown Loop.
  • The contract for building the mainline highway will be let in October 2019, with construction beginning in early 2020. It is anticipated there will be a full closure of SR 37 from SR 39 to north of SR 44 in 2021.
  • “Other” contracts will include smaller projects in and around Martinsville, such as intersection improvements, signal timing and road paving that will occur before and after mainline construction.  This contract is scheduled to be advertised in December 2019.

Construction segmentation and sequencing for the remaining four segments are still being evaluated, although it is safe to say that with an accelerated 2024 schedule there will be significant construction activity throughout the entire corridor from 2021-2024.

The total cost of I-69 Section 6 is approximately $1.5 billion.  The project is fully funded through Gov. Holcomb’s Next Level road funding plan and by additional funds provided by the truck toll increase on the Indiana Toll Road.

Questions and inquiries about I-69 Section 6 should be directed to INDOT’s new statewide INDOT4U customer service center.  The phone number is 855-INDOT4U (855-463-6848) and the website is www.indot4u.com.