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ProjectWise is a suite of software provided by Bentley Systems aimed at helping to manage, find, and share active project data, including CAD and geospatial content, as well as Office documents.  It is being utilized by INDOT as the project lifecycle tool and is the location of all active project data.

Please refer to the INDOT CAD Consultant Quick Start Guide for instructions on obtaining access and use of ProjectWise on INDOT projects.

ProjectWise Licensing with INDOT

Bentley is starting to move the ProjectWise Explorer product to their SES (Subscription Entitlement Service) with ProjectWise versions and higher.  Any firms planning to move to this version of the client software, please note that INDOT will not be able to provide a licensing connection for this version per Bentley and you will need to provide your own licensing.  Bentley has provided a technote covering the licensing changes to this version that can be viewed at Introduction to SES for ProjectWise Design Integration - Content Management Blog - Content Management - Bentley Communities.  If you want to continue using INDOT server based licensing, you will need to remain on ProjectWise Explorer versions and lower such as the one made available below.

ProjectWise Links

  • ProjectWise Explorer CONNECT
    This is version of the ProjectWise Explorer Client for download and installation when using the INDOT ProjectWise system.  This is so users can continue to utilize INDOT server-based licensing.  Users CAN use a more advanced version of the application, but per the preceding section, they will need to provide their own licensing per Bentley requirements.  Please note that if you already have the ProjectWise Explorer Client, you should not need this provided installation.
  • INDOT ProjectWise Connection Registry Entry
    This registry file can be directly imported by ProjectWise CONNECT Edition users to automatically configure the connection to the INDOT ProjectWise system.

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