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Local Federal Aid Recipients

Boone CountyBr # 41 Replacement$2,108,800.00
Clinton CountyBr # 36 Replacement$1,311,920.00
Warren CountyBr # 14 Replacement$440,000.00
Morgan CountyBr # 75 Replacement$1,170,000.00
Putnam CountyBr # 172 Rehabilitation$374,400.00
Noble CountyBr # 136 Replacement$1,703,600.00
Rush CountyBr # 127 Replacement$1,600,000.00
Wayne CountyBr # 266 Replacement$1,280,000.00
Jay CountyBr # 103 Rehabilitation$403,200.00
Hancock CountyBr # 18 Replacement$1,200,000.00
Marshall CountyBr # 73 Replacement$1,674,400.00
Starke CountyBr # 7 Replacement$1,080,000.00
Lake County Br # 65 Replacement $1,150,000.00
White CountyBr # 95 Rehabilitation$1,004,000.00
Dearborn CountyBr # 108 Replacement$2,160,000.00
Jennings CountyBr # 76 Replacement$2,030,400.00
Decatur CountyBr # 236 Replacement$1,120,000.00
Franklin CountyBridge Rehabilitation$892,000.00
Lawrence CountyBr # 150 Replacement$869,600.00
Warrick CountyBr # 113 Replacement$920,000.00
Greene CountyBr # 272 Replacement$939,200.00
Knox CountyBr # 382 Replacement$1,520,000.00
RockvilleS. Market St Reconstruction$3,986,400.00
GreencastleZinc Mill Rd (Percy Julian Dr) Reconstruction$1,968,800.00
Montgomery CountyCountry Club Rd Reconstruction$3,352,000.00
Steuben CountyCR 200N Reconstruction$2,130,000.00
Gas City1st St Reconstruction$1,808,800.00
DecaturIntersection Improvement$2,098,125.00
Winona LakeIntersection Improvement$953,235.00
PortlandBlaine Pike Rehabilitation$1,084,000.00
RushvilleCherry St Road Construction - Phase 2$3,800,800.00
Cass CountyCR 400S Reconstruction - Phase 4$2,425,840.00
City of PlymouthHoham Dr Reconstruction$2,147,409.60
Town of DeMotteE Division St Reconstruction$1,168,000.00
City of North VernonUS 50 (Buckeye St) Reconstruction Drainage$1,745,600.00
City of AuroraMarket St Reconstruction$1,727,200.00
Jennings CountyO&M Ave/ Brownstown Rd Rehabilitation$1,155,200.00
City of SeymourBurkhardt Blvd Extension - Phase 1$4,000,000.00
City of Boonville3rd St Rehabilitation$2,176,000.00
Pike CountyCR 350N Rehabilitation$1,600,000.00
City of VincennesMain St Reconstruction$2,192,000.00
VeedersburgSign Replacement $125,100.00
MarionSign Replacement $517,500.00
Nobe CountyBaseline Rd/CR 600E Intersection Improvement$796,500.00
Blackford CountySign Replacement$268,200.00
Henry CountySign Replacement$495,000.00
Franklin CountySt Mary's Rd & Blue Creek Rd Guardrail Installation$162,288.00
Scott CountySign Replacement$201,465.00
City of SullivanSign Replacement$510,300.00
Spencer CountySign Inventory & Replacement$135,450.00
Town of OrleansSign Inventory & Replacement$53,640.00
Sidewalk Program 
OtterbeinSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$87,200.00
ButlerSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$210,800.00
SweetserSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$258,080.00
DunkirkSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$67,200.00
RedkeySmall Communities Sidewalk Program$89,600.00
WindfallSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$141,600.00
PortlandSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$337,600.00
North JudsonSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$163,200.00
City of GreensburgSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$310,784.00
City of SalemSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$1,188,000.00
Town of HollandSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$163,600.00
City of RockportSmall Communities Sidewalk Program$583,172.00
City of PetersburgMain St Pedestrian Facilities and Streetscape$1,447,372.00
City of MonticelloS Main St Pedestrian /Bike Facilities$336,383.90
City of BatesvillePedestrian /Bike Facilities$990,000.00
City of LintonPedestrian/Bike Path$495,200.00
New CastleMulti-use Trail$380,000.00

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