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Federal Grant Opportunities

Notice of Funding Availability

The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) can be found here.

To apply for, participate in, or work on a federal-aid project, your organization is required to meet certain training requirements.

  • Each LPA must have a certified Employee in Responsible Charge (ERC).
  • Each LPA must be enrolled in INDOT Technical Application Pathway (ITAP).
  • Each ERC must be enrolled in INDOT Technical Application Pathway (ITAP).

For more information about these requirements, visit our LPA Programs home page and subscribe to GovDelivery.

Asset Management for Federally Funded LPA Roadways

Development and implementation of a Pavement Asset Management Policy provides a local public agency a tool which can be used to identify their needs, prioritize their actions, and allocate available funds appropriately. Please view the link below for Pavement Asset Management for Local Public Agency Roadways.

Pavement Asset Management for LPA Roadways
Roadway Inventory

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