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INDOT’s On-the-Job (OJT) program ensures contractors provide training and improve the skills of minorities, women, and disadvantaged persons (as defined by federal poverty guidelines) so they have access and opportunity to skilled trade jobs and journey-level positions in highway construction classifications. This is an INDOT contract requirement for all federal-aid prime contractors.

Resource: On the Job Training Enrollment

Prime contractors must enroll in this ITAP application to report participation of minorities, women and underrepresented individuals as apprentices on federal aid contracts. Participation should be reported monthly. For questions, contact:

Training Application

Resource: SPT/DBE-3 Enrollment 

Prime contractors and subcontractors/suppliers/haulers must enroll in this ITAP application. Prime contractors report payments from INDOT and subcontractors/suppliers/haulers verify payments from prime contractors. The ten (10) day window applies to both reporting payments and acknowledging payments for a total of a twenty (20) day process. Individuals who complete the DBE close out process should also enroll as this process has been combined with reporting payments. For questions, contact:

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