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Resources for Federal Aid Contractors

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Prompt Payment

INDOT requires prime contractors to pay their subcontractors, suppliers, and haulers within ten (10) days of receipt of payment from INDOT.

To make an inquiry, please provide the contract number and the nature of the inquiry including any and all parties potentially affected to:

Subcontractor Payment Tracking System (SPT)

Prime contractors are required to report their payments into the Subcontractor Payment Tracking System (SPT) by the 10th of the following month that a payment has been made. They are required to record payments made to all subcontractors, and all DBE, MBE, WBE, and IVOSB firms that have been approved by the Department.

Beginning with the July 08, 2020 letting all subcontractors and DBE, MBE, WBE and IVOSB firms approved by the Department shall verify all payments made to them via the SPT system by the 20th of the month that a payment has been received.

RSP 108-C-264 Subcontractor Payment Verification

Prime contractors now have the ability to record payments made by their subcontractors to DBE, MBE, WBE and IVOSB firms approved by the department and those firms can verify those payments.

For federally funded contracts all DBE haulers, lease, supplier firms shall be entered into the SPT system and payments verified.

For 100% state funded contracts all MBE, WBE, and IVOSB haulers, lease, supplier firms shall be entered into the SPT system and payments verified.

Change in Utilization for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

A change in utilization is required only if a disadvantaged business enterprise was used as part of the Affirmative Action Certification (“AAC”) as part of the award of a federal aid contract.  To determine if a change in utilization is necessary, find the appropriate contract here. Failure to seek a change in utilization will result in nonpayment and referral to INDOT’s Prequalification Division.

Instructions for Change in Utilization 
DBE Change in Utilization Form

DBE Goal Request

To obtain a DBE Goal, please visit the instruction page.

Letting best practices

Here are some tips to remember to assist INDOT in processing this upcoming and future lettings as efficiently as possible:

-Utilize the correct supplier diversity directory – separate directories list the certified vendors for each program. DBE or M/WBE and IVOSB certifications for a vendor are not reciprocal by default, but instead are dependent on the particular certifications held by the vendor. For Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) utilize this link: INDOT’s DBE Directory is locked the Friday prior to each month’s regular letting. For Minority/Women/Veteran certified entities (M/WBE and IVOSBs) utilize the IDOA Division of Supplier Diversity Certified Business Search, located here:

-The directories are fluid and certifications should be checked by the bidder before each bid that is submitted.

-Ensure that the Affirmative Action Certificate (AAC), also referred to as Participation Plan, lists the correct DBE or M/WBE or IVOSB vendor, amount, item line and description of work.

-If your company is identified as the Lowest Qualified Bidder (LQB) on a federal-aid project, send all DBE quotes utilized immediately after the letting to

-Double check to ensure that all DBE quotes provided match the dollar amount(s) listed on the AAC - and if not- please include an explanation how the dollar amount was derived.


*To view the hauler orientation, select the link and sign up or log into the learning portal. Once you've signed in search for "INDOT EIS Hauling" in the "Find Learning" box. When you see the course, assign it to yourself and begin. For assistance contact

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