Damage to State Property

Each year, approximately 4,000 drivers damage infrastructure located along Indiana highways. This infrastructure includes guardrail, cable barriers, crash attenuators, lighting structures, signs, bridges, culverts, fences, traffic signals, pavement, and roadway drainage.

Challenged to identify new procedures, processes and operational efficiencies, INDOT began to investigate potential solutions to the increasing financial burden of repairing and replacing damaged right-of-way infrastructure. In 2010, INDOT deployed DamageWise, a statewide crash damage tagging, management and invoicing system that associates crash-damaged infrastructure to a police crash report and seeks reimbursement.

INDOT’s DamageWise program is an effective, innovative solution to the increasing financial burden of repairing and replacing damaged right-of-way infrastructure. This program includes a range of policy and procedure changes designed to more effectively associate vehicle crash reports with crash-damaged infrastructure; ensure that invoices reflect the fully-loaded repair cost; reduce the time between a crash and when an invoice is sent to the responsible party; and improve documentation sent to responsible parties.

If you have been involved in an accident that results in damage to INDOT property, please contact Michelle Bowling (MBowling1@indot.in.gov).

Personal Property Damage

You must file a tort claim if you have suffered damage to your vehicle or private property that you believed was caused by INDOT and wish to seek reimbursement. Download a tort claim for property damage reimbursement.

Roadway Damage Tags

If you are employed by a law enforcement agency and need to order roadway damage tags, contact Stacey Larkin.

Contact Information

Michelle Bowling
Lead for Damage to State Property - DamageWise Program
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 749
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Stacey Larkin
Damage to State Property Coordinator
Crawfordsville District
41 West 300 North
Crawfordsville, IN 47933