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Next Level Connections Broadband Updates

Next Level Connections Broadband Program Round 3


Round 3 Awarded

Next Level Connections Round 3 awarded $189 million to fund 154 broadband projects, expanding broadband access to 52,900 homes and businesses. A map marking Round 3 awards can be found here.

In total, rounds one, two and three of the program have awarded $268 million across 83 counties to provide broadband access to more than 74,800 homes and commercial locations. A map marking all three rounds can be found here.

The following applicants will provide broadband service in unserved areas throughout Indiana in the third round: view here.

Indiana will invest $270 million toward improving broadband access and adoption in Indiana. The Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program is designed to provide funds for the deployment of broadband infrastructure to provide eligible broadband service to unserved end users, which include households, businesses and community anchor institutions, such as schools and health clinics, across Indiana.

Round 3 Timeline

Application Issue Date August  2021
Submission Deadline for Letters of Intent Sept. 24, 2021
Submission Deadline for Challenges Nov. 8, 2021
Expected Date for Challenge Decisions Dec. 8, 2021
Submission Deadline for Full Applications Jan. 20, 2022
Submission Deadline for Competitive Applications Feb. 14, 2022
Expected Date for Selections April 2022



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Indiana Connectivity Program

Homeowners and business owners can apply for consideration for the Indiana Connectivity Program, which opens for applicants on Monday, Sept. 27. This new tool can connect residents and businesses that lack internet service with internet service providers and assist in the expense of extending broadband to unserved and underserved locations. The Indiana Connectivity Program aims to bring high quality broadband service to unserved and underserved Hoosiers, the last year and a half has shined a light on the severe importance of having everyone connected. This program is a path to bring service to households and businesses that are in internet darkness or have speeds that are not meeting the demands on our students who are eLearning or our workforce teleworking.

Lt. Gov. Crouch, OCRA award Indiana Connectivity Program funding to expand broadband access to more than 250 locations

Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs today announced the Indiana Connectivity Program awarded $654,678 to expand broadband access to 253 addresses across 40 Indiana counties. The program is a new resource designed to help more Hoosier residents and business owners obtain access to high-speed, quality broadband.