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2022 Round 3 Awards

Next Level Connections Round 3 awarded over $169 million to fund 123 broadband projects, expanding broadband access to 46,597 homes, businesses, and community anchor institutions. A map marking Round 3 awards can be found here.

In total, rounds one, two and three of the program have awarded $251 million across 81 counties to provide broadband access to more than 69,150 homes and commercial locations. A map marking all three rounds can be found here.

To find the list of NLC Round 3 awarded applicants, click here.

*Please note: Anchor institutions can include schools, rural health clinics, municipally-owned buildings, etc.

*Affordability was considered as part of the scoring matrix in awarding Next Level Connections Broadband Grants.

Scorers were tasked with consideration of the criteria mentioned in the application instruction; Service offerings and price points reflect to meet economically disadvantaged student households; upload speeds that reflect circumstances of increased remote learning; special rates and discounts for devices that enable remote learning; offerings that enable purchase of unbundled internet as reasonable prices.