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The Indiana Lobby Registration Commission ("ILRC") provides cumulative summaries of the lobby reports to Indiana Interactive on a periodic basis. This web site is designed to provide the public with general information relating to lobbying expenditures made in Indiana, and it should not be relied upon as a public record. For accurate and complete information, the information contained at this site should be verified by a review of the original public records contained in the Commission office.



All filings must be completed electronically

3 EASY STEPS to submitting your ILRC filing online!

STEP 1: Become an subscriber (annual process)

STEP 2: Using the login information provided to you by IN.Gov- go to the portal Lobbyist Registration Portal ( enter the user information, set up your user profile and select “START AN MOU”

Complete the memorandum of understanding and once the MOU is approved by the ILRC you will file the registrations using the same process.

This process replaces the filing of paper MOU forms as they will no longer be accepted. The name change will still need to be requested by sending a letter to the ILRC. The letter should state the lobbyist’s name as they are currently registered, the new name and the taxpayer identification number. The change can not be made without all the above criteria.

Miscellaneous Forms

Executive Summary for HEA 1222

Executive Summary for HEA 1222

2013 Advisory Opinion Training