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Instructor Certification


1. Be a graduate of any certified Police Basic Training Course.

2.  Have three (3) years Law Enforcement experience.

3. Under certain circumstances, the Executive Director can waive the above two requirements.

4. Attend and successfully complete a LETB approved Instructor Development Course.

5. Make application for instructor certification within one (1) year of completing Instructor Development Course.

6. Submit the application with original signatures,and a copy of the LETB certificate of Instructor Development Course completion, to the Executive Director, Law Enforcement Training Board, 5402 South County Road 700 East, Plainfield, IN  46168.

Training Areas
After initial instructor certification is completed, primary instructors may provide training in any subject presented in the basic course curriculum, or in any subject determined to be needed by the department CEO if the trainer feels he/she has sufficient experience and education to provide good quality instruction.

Those holding only a Primary Instructor Certification are not authorized to instruct the psychomotor skills:  EVO, Firearms, and Physical Tactics.

These certifications require additional training for the instructor since these skill areas are considered high liability disciplines.  To become a psychomotor skill instructor requires the officer to (A) be a LETB Primary Instructor in good standing, (B) complete a LETB approved instructor course in the area for which that officer seeks certification and (C) submit the required documents for certification.


The Senior Instructor program is the next step in ILEA’s development of instructors.  Completion of the Senior Instructor program is required in order to reach the level of the Master Instructor.  The applicant must initially meet the following criteria:

a. Have a Bachelor Degree; five (5) years of law enforcement experience; three (3) years as a Primary Instructor or:

b. Have an Associate Degree; seven (7) years of law enforcement experience; four (4) years as a Primary Instructor or:

c. Less than sixty (60) hours of college credit; nine (9) years of law enforcement experience; five (5) years as a Primary Instructor.

In addition to the courses completed in Instructor Development, the Senior Instructor student will receive an additional 80 hours (2 weeks) of practical and course instruction.  Applicants must meet the minimum criteria established below in order to be considered for enrollment. Those interested in applying, can download a copy of the application below and follow the instructions on the form for submission.

An applicant must first request an application form from the Executive Director.  An applicant must first complete an application.  This application requires an explanation of why the applicant wishes to become a Senior Instructor.  Also, applicants must submit documentation showing that the applicant is a primary or psychomotor skill instructor (in good standing).

If accepted to the program, the applicant will then be enrolled in the Senior Instructor Course.  After successful completion of this multi-week course, the applicant must—within one (1) year of completing the course—submit the Senior Instructor Certification application to the Executive Director, after completing the required teaching elements.

The initial Senior Instructor certification period will be calculated using the same method (described below) as when a psychomotor skill area is added to a primary certification.

Registration for this course will be available starting May 1, 2021.

Waivers for this senior instructor process will have to be submitted to the Master Instructor board for review and approval.  For waiver information, contact Lt. Tom Lahay at tlahay@ilea.in.gov.

Click here to download more details on the Senior Instructor program.

Click here to download application for Senior Instructor.

Instructor Identification Numbers

Download Instructor Hours Log (State Form 55222)

Download Instructor Application (Revised 11/18)



The Master Instructor is the highest level of instructor certification offered by the LETB.  The applicant must initially meet the following criteria:

a. Have a Bachelor Degree; seven (7) years of law enforcement experience; two (2) years as a Primary Instructor or:

b. Have an Associate Degree; ten (10) years of law enforcement experience; five (5) years as a Primary Instructor or:

c. Less than sixty (60) hours of college credit; fifteen (15) years of law enforcement experience; five (5) years as a Primary Instructor.

Initial application for Master Instructor is made to the Chairman of the Master Instructor Committee.  Interested candidates should submit an instructor application, short resume, and a cover letter addressed to the Chairman of the Committee stating their desire to become a Master Instructor.  Once the Committee has determined that the candidate has met the basic requirements, an interview will be scheduled for the Candidate with the Committee.  If the Candidate passes the interview phase, he or she will be asked to select a mentor from the current pool of Master Instructors.

Candidates have one (1) year to teach a basic class, an in-service class and an instructor development class.  Each class will be observed and evaluated by the mentor.  Candidates are also required to write a research paper on a law enforcement subject of their choice.  The paper will be evaluated by the Committee on construction, use of grammar, and accuracy of information.  After the paper is accepted by the Committee, the Candidate is required to return and defend the paper in front of the Committee.

If needed, the Committee may grant a one (1) year extension to complete all of the requirements when asked by the Candidate.


Click here for a brief Training Video on the Re-Certification process.

1. Primary and Psychomotor Skill re-certifications are good for three (3) years from the date of approval. Failure to recertify before the expiration date will require an instructor to retake the Instructor Development Course as well as any psychomotor skill instructor course (if an instructor is also certified in one or more of these areas). The applicant may request a one-time extension as outlined below. There is no grace period for instructor re-certifications.

2. A one-time extension may be granted for completing the instructional hours required by submitting a request to the:  Executive Director, Law Enforcement Training Board, 5402 South County Road 700 East, Plainfield, IN  46168, in writing BEFORE the expiration date. The length of an extension, if authorized, will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director. During this extension period, an instructor is authorized to present training that can be counted towards a student’s in-service training requirement.

3. Primary Instructors must provide documentation of at least thirty-six (36) hours of training over the three (3) year certification period. This is done by:
a. Submitting an application for recertification with the online program.
b. Attaching documentation of training provided as outlined below.

4. Psychomotor skill instructors must document thirty-six (36) hours of instruction in each certified psychomotor skill area. For example, if an EVO instructor teaches all 36 hours presenting EVO material, that instructor can use those 36 hours to satisfy both the primary and the psychomotor skill minimum instructional time requirement. However, if this instructor is also a firearms instructor, this instructor must present at least 36 hours of EVO instruction AND 36 hours of firearms instruction to be re-certified in both areas.

5. Senior instructor re-certification requires the same documentation as a primary or psychomotor skill instructor.

6. Master Instructor re-certification requires documentation that the applicant has evaluated three (3) instructors per year, or three (3) programs per year, or a combination of three (3) of the above evaluations. In addition, if a Master Instructor wishes to retain a psychomotor skill certification, that instructor must also submit the documentation required for that psychomotor skill.

Documenting Instructional Hours for Re-certification

On Academy form #55222 list:

1. Date training occurred
2. Class subject
3. Location of training
4. Number of students
5. Number of instructional hours
6. Do not send rosters. Instructor hours should only be submitted on department letterhead or a LETB approved form with the information detailed above. Send this documentation with the application for recertification with the ILEA online program. See video on how to send. We will no longer accept paper documents for recertifications.

Re-certification Time Frame and Pro-rating Psychomotor Skills Hours When Added to a Primary Instructor Certification

The certification period is determined by the date the instructor card is issued and is typically three years. If a Psychomotor Skill (EVO, FIREARMS, PHYSICAL TACTICS) is added as an additional certification to a primary certification, the original expiration date is not altered. The length of the new psychomotor skill certification is shortened to correspond to the original expiration date.

Instructional hours required for re-certification in a psychomotor skill area that was added will be calculated at one (1) hour per month remaining on the original certification period.

Example: A new instructor has three (3) years to teach until time to re-certify. That instructor must document thirty-six (36) or more hours of instruction in a primary area. If the initial date of certification is 05/03/2013, the date of expiration will be 05/03/2016. If a psychomotor skill instructional area is added on 09/03/2013, the time remaining on the original primary certification is thirty-two (32) months. This means that the instructor would have to teach at least thirty–two (32) additional hours in the psychomotor skill area before 05/03/2016 to re-certify.

Submission Period

The re-certification application and supporting documents should be sent in thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date, but not more than sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date. If this is done, the new expiration date will be the current expiration date plus three years. If the re-certification application is sent in more than sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date, the new expiration date will be adjusted accordingly.

For instance, if an instructor submitted for recertification seven (7) months ahead of time, the new re-certification period would end seven (7) months earlier than if the instructor had applied 30 days before the expiration.

Re-certification Fees

Effective July 1, 2017, there is a $50.00 fee for all re-certifications.  Payment must be made by check or money order.  Please make checks out to Law Enforcement Training Board and mail to:  5402 South County Road 700 East, Plainfield, IN  46168. Re-certifications will not be processed until fee is received in full.

An organization or business that is not a governmental agency or has no law enforcement duties or function may be authorized to provide training which can be used to partially satisfy an officer’s in-service training requirement if certain conditions are met.  These include:

1. The organization or business must make application for a Provider Number which will be used for reporting training.  The application will require, among other things, the organization or business address, a contact person and a description of the function performed by the organization or business.

2.  The provider will need to demonstrate that it has the ability to create Performance Objectives and Lesson Plans for the material and classes it wished to present.  It must have either a physical location or IT capabilities for presenting the class material in a professional manner (depending on approach), and it must have a record keeping system which will document who attended and successfully completed these classes.  This record keeping system must be open to inspection by the LETB.  A provider must issue a certificate or other document to each student upon that student’s successful completion of a class which displays the Provider Number.

3. A private provider’s authorization to present approved training will expire three years from the date of issue of the provider number.  A provider may submit a renewal application at the end of that period stating that the provider is still in the business of providing training to Indiana law enforcement officers and the LETB may then grant renewal of the provider’s authority to present training.  A provider’s authority to present training may be revoked at any time for cause.