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All-New ILEA Prebasic Course


What is “Prebasic” and why is it necessary?

“Prebasic” is a forty (40) hour class designed to comply with I.C. §5-2-1-9(f), and serves two (2) primary functions in law enforcement:

  1. Successful completion permits a new police hire to be paid to enforce Indiana criminal law for a one-year period after the date of hire. I.C. §5-2-1-9(e). This allows the new police hire to engage in law enforcement activities pending completion of Tier I or Tier II basic training at ILEA (or one of the satellite academies). Completion of basic training extends the law enforcement officer’s ability to enforce criminal laws indefinitely, subject to compliance with the annual inservice training requirements. I.C. §5-2-1-9(g).
  2. Successful completion of prebasic is necessary for a reserve officer, appointed under I.C. §36-8-3-20, to engage in law enforcement activities. There is no requirement that a reserve officer attend Tier I or Tier II basic training at ILEA (or one of the satellite academies), but reserves are required to undergo additional training as designated by the chief executive officer of the department. 250 IAC 2-9-1(b). Further, reserve officers must also comply with the annual inservice training requirements. I.C. §5-2-1-9(g).

What is the first step to set up a prebasic class?

The very first step is to choose one of the officers of the department to act as the Lead Instructor. The Lead Instructor must be at least a primary instructor certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board, See 250 IAC 2-10-2, but may be one of the psycho-motor skills instructors. The choice of Lead Instructor is important to the department because it requires a tremendous investment of time and energy to produce a prebasic course. The Lead Instructor is the point of contact with ILEA for everything involved in prebasic and therefore must have Acadis access.

After the Lead Instructor is assigned, what next?

The Lead Instructor should begin by selecting dates for the course and contacting other instructors necessary to complete the prebasic course. In addition to the Lead Instructor (who will, presumably, proctor the video portion of prebasic), the three psycho-motor skills areas must be taught, necessitating instructors for firearms, EVO, and physical tactics.

Next, the Lead Instructor must secure adequate facilities at the department (or other locations) to complete the prebasic course. A classroom with internet access and video capabilities is needed for the classroom portions; a workout room with mats is required for physical tactics, and a firearms range is required for the firearms portion. The EVO section of prebasic has been designed around both classroom lecture and low speed driving skills, therefore a high-speed EVO course is not necessary for prebasic; any relatively large parking lot will suffice.

When does the Lead Instructor contact ILEA?

After completing the preliminary steps outlined above, the Lead Instructor is prepared to make initial contact with ILEA. The first step is to access the “Prebasic Procedure Business” document here: Prebasic Procedure Business and the Excel spreadsheet to populate the class roster here: Student Roster. Follow all instructions in the “Prebasic Procedure Business” document. Upon receipt of the request to conduct a prebasic course on department letterhead (see “Prebasic Procedure Business”), a course number will be assigned by the Registrar and the class will be created in Acadis.

What is the next duty of the Lead Instructor?

Now the Lead Instructor populates the class on the Excel spreadsheet. The Lead Instructor must enter the appropriate information for each data field on each student, including name, PSID, email address, and other data contained on the spreadsheet. After completion, submit the Excel spreadsheet to the Registrar using the email address above.

Accuracy of entry of information here is critical because ILEA now issues certificates of completion for prebasic, and the certificates are generated from the data entered for each student. At the conclusion of the prebasic class the Lead Instructor must sign a Certification of Prebasic Completion attesting to the successful completion, and passing scores, for each student to receive her/his certificate.

All documents, including the official request on your department letterhead described In “Prebasic Procedure Business”, must be sent to the Registrar.

IMPORTANT: remember, the Lead Instructor must collect, and pay, $50 per registered student. ILEA accepts government checks, credit cards, or purchase orders for the payment of the prebasic fee. If the Lead Instructor or a department requires an invoice in order to pay the fees, the Lead Instructor must contact the ILEA Business Administrator to have an invoice issued. Contact information for the Business Administrator: Business Administrator, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, 5402 S County Road 700 E, Plainfield, IN 46168, phone: 317- 837-3232. In addition, no certificate of completion will be issued for a student who hasn’t paid the registration fee.

What is the next step?

The final step before actually teaching the prebasic course is to send reporting instructions to each registered student. The reporting instructions will vary depending on various factors but should, at a minimum, include:

  • location of classroom
  • location of EVO course
  • location of firearms range
  • location of mat room
  • dates and times of classes
  • clothing to wear and equipment to bring (consult with psycho-motor skills instructors)
  • contact information for the Lead Instructor
  • any other information or instructions you deem pertinent

What now?

Once you have submitted all documents to the Registrar you will be given special access on Acadis to the prebasic course. It will come to you in an email from: Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal Admin [].  A ‘roadmap’ to conducting the prebasic course is on the document titled “To Prebasic Instructors”. All handouts and suggested classroom discussion questions are contained in the file named “Prebasic Documents”. Finally, the written test will be conducted online from ILEA and test scores for each student will be automatically uploaded; however, the firearms qualification will be conducted at your facility, therefore you will need to access a second Excel spreadsheet to report firearms qualification scores here:  Firearms Qualification Score Sheet.

At the April 19, 2021, LETB meeting, the board unanimously confirmed that it has always required, and continues to require, three (3) qualifying firearms scores to successfully complete the prebasic training course. All prebasic instructors must insure that three (3) qualifying firearms scores are reported to ILEA for each prebasic student.


The Prebasic Course is no longer available as a self-study course.  Each topic in the curriculum must now be presented using online materials provided by an LETB certified instructor.  Any other materials that were previously available for download from the ILEA website are no longer valid and cannot be used for this course.

To gain access to the current materials please follow the instructions below to submit a request to conduct a Prebasic course. 

Please read the below information carefully as requirements to conduct a Prebasic Course, payment, and access to approved course materials have recently changed.

Prebasic Course Instructions: (Effective February 1, 2021)

All Requests to conduct a Prebasic Course must be received in our office one (1) week prior to the intended start date.  NOTICE:  Incomplete requests will be put on hold until all requirements have been met.
Course Pre-Requisite:  All students must have a PSID number prior to enrollment.

Department requesting to conduct a Prebasic course must submit the following on departmental letterhead:

  1. Date(s) the class will be held; include start and end date(s).
  2. Location where the class will be held.
  3. Provide the Lead Instructor Name, LETB Certified Instructor Number and PSID Number.
  4. Provide a secure e-mail address for the Lead Instructor.
  5. Attach a course roster of student names including PSID number and total number of students who will be trained on the provided Excel spreadsheet.
  6. Attach a departmental check equal to $50.00 per student listed on Course Roster.  This fee is non-refundable.**
    • Departments requiring an invoice prior to submitting payment please contact Lori Sipos at or at 317-837-3232.
    • It is recommended that smaller Departments work with students to obtain payment in advance to avoid delay in requesting a course as payment is due at time of your request for all students on the Course Roster.
    • Additional students who attend the course after the initial Course Roster and Payment have been submitted must be paid in full before ILEA will issue a certificate.  See Completion of the Prebasic Course for additional information.
  1. You may Email your request and roster to:
  2. You may also choose to send via US Mail to the address below:
    Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
    5402 S County Road 700 E
    Plainfield, IN  46168

**ILEA will only accept payment from the Department requesting the Prebasic Course.  The Department must submit payment for all students listed on the Course Roster.  Students who do not attend or do not complete the course will not be issued a refund/credit nor can payment/credit be applied toward another student.  ILEA will only issue certificates for students who have been certified through the Lead Instructor as having completed the course.

ILEA Prebasic Request Confirmation Process:

All Requests to conduct a Prebasic Course must be received in our office one (1) week prior to the intended start date.  NOTICE:  Incomplete requests will be put on hold until all requirements have been met.

  1. All incoming mail is received in the ILEA Business Office and date stamped.
  2. The check will be removed and recorded for deposit.
  3. A copy of the check will be attached to the request and forwarded to the Registrar.
  4. The Registrar will review the request for completeness.

Incomplete Requests:
If a request is incomplete the Registrar will send an e-mail to the e-mail address provided outlining the deficiencies of the request.  The request will be put on hold until all requirements are met.
NOTE:  No course will be issued until payment has been made in full for all students listed on the course roster.

Complete Requests:
The Academy is using a new platform for presenting the Prebasic Course.  The email you will receive to gain access through the Acadis portal looks different than the previous “webinar” email from the Academy.

Please be alert for an email with the “From” box reading:   
Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal Admin []

If a request is complete you will receive an email with the subject line: “Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal Welcome Inf”; this is where you'll find your link to the Prebasic Program.

Completion of the Prebasic Course
The Prebasic Course must be completed within 60 days from the start date of the course as stated in the request.

The Certification of Prebasic Completion will be compared to the initial course roster to verify students’ completion and payment.

ILEA will authorize the printing of certificates for students who have paid and been certified as having completed the course. Certificates may be printed by the requesting department

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions about the course you may contact the Registrar at 317-837-3243, email:, or mail to 5402 S County Road 700 E, Plainfield, IN 46168.

Email Certificate of Completion and Firearms Scores to:

You may also choose to send via US Mail to the address below:
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
5402 S County Road 700 E
Plainfield, IN 46168

Invoice requests or Purchase Order inquiries:
Business Administrator, Lori Sipos: or 317-837-3232

Remember, the student has not completed the course until ILEA has received payment, the Lead Instructor has certified the student has completed the course, and ILEA has issued a certificate.

Thank you for your continued support and help in training Indiana Police Officers.