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Low Barrier Homeless Shelter Task Force

The Low Barrier Homeless Shelter Task force was created by statute to determine the cost to build and operate a low barrier homeless shelter in a consolidated city, as well as potential funding sources.  The task force will study ways in which the state of Indiana and a consolidated city can access additional federal funding for community based programs for the homeless.

Task Force Meetings

December 9, 2022AgendaMinutesVideo Recording
November 30, 2022AgendaMinutesVideo Recording
October 26, 2022Agenda MinutesVideo Recording
September 29, 2022AgendaMinutesN/A
August 29, 2022AgendaMinutesN/A
June 15, 2022AgendaMinutesN/A
February 28, 2022AgendaMinutesN/A