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Claims Submissions

Policy/Procedures Updates:

In order to facilitate timely submission, review, and disbursement of funds, effective for claims submitted on or after August 1, 2013, IHCDA will deny any claim or reimbursement request submitted through IHCDA Online if the supporting documentation is not received by IHCDA within three (3) business days of receipt of claim submission. Additionally, a claim will be denied if, during the course of claim review, additional documentation is requested but not received within three (3) business days. If a claim is denied, the organization will be required to go to IHCDA Online and resubmit the claim using the same receipt number at such a time as all documentation is ready for submission. The noted exceptions to this policy are HHF, IFPN, IDA, and RIDA.

In order to keep better track of claims, here at IHCDA, we are requesting agencies to include the month of reimbursement in the comment section when submitting claims. The comment section is located on the “Claim” tab of the submission screen. Make sure you include the month you are requesting monies in the “comment” box.

Any questions or issues regarding claims, please email the Financial Operations Department at


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