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Logo Use Guide

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) is defined by what people know about us and how they feel about us —it’s our image and reputation. And that is why we need to manage it with care.

To help people associate with a brand, visual images are created and used to represent implicit values, ideas, and personality. These include logo, fonts, color schemes and other images—photography and illustration, for example.

Every organization that has received funding from IHCDA can strengthen our brand by correctly applying the standards and guidelines contained in this document. You can help ensure that our communications are consistent, of a high standard, and positively resonate with our audience.

Click here to access IHCDA's Logo Use Guide. (updated December 20, 2020)

IHCDA Logo [.png l .eps]

Please contact for questions, concerns, or to request the IHCDA logo in a different file format.