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Become a Participating Lender

It is the mission of IHCDA to promote responsible homeownership opportunities throughout Indiana. Our homeownership programs are uniquely designed to assist eligible borrowers through down payment assistance and tax-credit benefits. This is accomplished with the help of our participating lenders.

Mortgage Origination and Sale Agreement (MOSA)

In order to become an IHCDA participating lender, you must sign the Mortgage Origination and Sale Agreement (MOSA). Within the agreement you will find corporate, application, closing and the broker appendix contact sheets.

All lenders must submit the new MOSA’s, Contact Sheets and Registration Fee to IHCDA by December 31st, 2023 in order to participate in the new IHCDA Homeownership Application processes and guidelines. Lenders must follow all old processes and guidelines until the 2024 MOSA is received and approved.

MOSA Forms

Please complete all applicable areas of the agreement and forms. Please email a completed copy of this agreement to

The fee to participate is $2,000.00.

Click here to pay the fee online

For any questions, contact the IHCDA Homeownership Department at

Reporting on IRS 8329

IHCDA has changed the process for reporting on the IRS 8329. Lenders may download the form below.

Form 8329 - 2020 Series 948

  • Lenders should complete Part I with their own information.
  • For Parts III and IV write "SEE ATTACHED".
  • Lenders can access the required report for Parts III and IV from DMS Online, selecting Reports, and then selecting "IRS MCC Report by lender". Ensure the date range is correct and check the "Generate Annual IRS Report" box.
  • On the export, the first three digits of the reservation number represent the series. You will need to attach this to the corresponding IRS Form 8329.
  • Lenders will sign and date the form.
  • Please remember to keep a copy of the forms and printouts for your records.
  • Send to the IRS no later than January 31