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Homeless Youth Regional Program

WHO: Cross Support Systems Navigators

WHAT: “Strengthen communities by identifying youth and young adults (YYA) who are living with housing insecurity, eliminate barriers to resource access, and bridge systems that promote safe and sustainable housing.”

WHY: Every YYA in Indiana deserves access to secure, stable and sustainable housing.

HOW: Navigators connect YYA with vital resources in the community of their choice.

Navigators work with the public school system, service providers and community partners to bring vital resources to youth and young adults living with housing insecurity.  If you are a youth or young adult who is experiencing homelessness or with housing insecurity, or have identified a youth or young adult who needs support, please contact the Navigator in your county for additional support.

*This program is made possible through American Rescue Plan-Homeless Children and Youth (ARP-HCY) federal grant funding, in collaboration with The Indiana Housing and Community Development Agency, (IHCDA) the Indiana department of Education (DOE) and the Indianapolis Continuum of Care.

Regional Contacts

  • Region 1/1A
    • Lorene Olmos - (317) 232-9080  - Email
  • Region 2/2A
    • Cheri Lintz - (317) 232-2149 - Email
  • Region 3
    • Lisa Eicher - (317) 232-0118 - Email
  • Region 8
    • Sonjia Parker - (317) 232-8675 - Email
  • Region 10
    • Scott McNeill  - (317) 899-8555 - Email
  • Region 12
    • Bryan Russelburg - (317) 232-0951 - Email
  • Region 14
    • April Pearson - (317) 232-8849 - Email