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Homeless Health Infectious Disease Program (HHID)

HHID horiz

The primary aim of the HHID program is to reduce negative health impacts for people experiencing homelessness by building the capacity of local homeless serving agencies and communities to prepare and respond to possible future public health emergencies.  Through the HHID program, IHCDA is partnering with homeless shelters and encampments regionally to create plans to reduce the impact of infectious disease transmission among unhoused populations.

People experiencing homelessness face disproportionate rates of underlying chronic health conditions and substance use disorders, stigma, and marginalization that often disenfranchise them from health and social services. Additionally, people experiencing homelessness face unstable and/or insecure social living conditions that can lead to a heightened risk of infection and adverse outcomes of COVID-19 and other infectious disease spread.

Infectious Disease Guidance

The HHID team is actively working on developing formal guidance for our partners with respect to various disease types. The guidance that has been released is posted below. It is recommended that you watch the webinars prior to adopting the guidance in whole or part.

COVID-19 Guidance - Congregate Living

COVID-19 Webinar

Quick Guides

The HHID team will actively develop and release Quick Guides as infectious diseases increase or as issues arise.

Recognizing Hypothermia and Frostbite

Staying Safe During Respiratory Season