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What is portability?

"Portability" in the HCV program refers to the process through which the family can transfer or "port" their rental subsidy when they move to a location outside the jurisdiction of the public housing agency (PHA) that first gave them the voucher when they were selected for the program. New families may not be able to port immediately; they may have to live in the jurisdiction of the initial PHA for a year before they can port. Initial PHAs may allow moves during this one-year period.

  • Initial PHAs -The PHA that first gave the voucher to the individual when they were selected for the program.
  • Receiving PHAs - The agency that will administer assistance in the area to which the individual moves.

What area does IHCDA cover?

IHCDA covers 82 of the 92 Indiana counties. In short, any area in Indiana that DOES NOT have a local city-based housing agency is covered by IHCDA.

Click here to access a listing and map.

Is IHCDA billing or absorbing?

Effective April 1, 2021, IHCDA is "absorbing" all port-ins.

What is the payment standard for IHCDA?

Because IHCDA covers nearly all of Indiana, payment standards vary greatly depending on the area where you want to move. IHCDA’s HCV staff can check the payment standard if you know the county or zip code where you want to move.

What do I do if I want to port my voucher to IHCDA?

IHCDA recommends starting the port process at least 60 days before you plan to move.

  1. Notify your local housing agency in writing that you want to move to IHCDA’s jurisdiction.
  2. Complete portability paperwork with your local housing agency. Be sure to include the county or general area where you’d like to live and the best way to contact you (phone, address, email, etc.).
  3. Request your paperwork be sent to:
    Attn: IHCDA HCV Portability
    Email: (Note: secure email results in the quickest response time)
    Fax: 317-232-1257
    Mail: 30 S Meridian St., Suite 900, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  4. Allow for 15 business days for the port packet to be sent and processed. If you have not received a call from a case manager to set up a portability briefing within 15 days, contact IHCDA’s Portability Department at or at 317-232-7788, Option 4.