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Project-Based Voucher Programs

Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) are permitted to convert a portion of their tenant-based Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers into Project Based Vouchers (PBV).  Through the PBV program, the PHA awards a Housing Assistance Payment contract to a project owner to provide long-term, project based rental assistance that is tied to that particular project.  The PBV program is governed by federal regulations at 24 CFR 983.



Prior to awarding a PBV HAP contract to a project owner, the PHA may be required to complete the HUD-mandated subsidy layering review process (SLR).  IHCDA is certified by HUD to approve all SLRs for PBV projects in the state of Indiana.  Therefore, a PHA that wishes to enter into a PBV HAP contract with a project owner must work with IHCDA to complete the SLR, if required.   SLR is required if the proposed project includes other governmental assistance and involves new construction or rehabilitation.