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Development Fund (DF)

The Indiana Affordable Housing and Community Development Fund ("Development Fund") was established in 1989 to provide financing for affordable housing and community economic development projects in Indiana.  Development Fund regulations may be found in Indiana Code 5-20-4. Developments also involving federal funding such as HOME Investment Partnership Program ("HOME"), tax-exempt bonds, or Low-Income Housing Tax Credits ("LIHTC") must comply with the requirements of those programs

The Development Fund provides loans or grants of up to $750,000 per development for eligible activities as defined within this policy.  Development Fund grants will be made only in conjunction with special IHCDA initiatives.  All special initiatives will be announced by IHCDA via public notice announcing the purpose of the initiative, the application process, and any special criteria not included in this general Development Fund policy.  Except for these special initiatives, IHCDA will accept Development Fund applications for loans only.  (or a grant in limited special circumstances) for eligible activities as defined within the policy below.

2024 Development Fund Manual - Final Draft

Development Fund Application - Updated April 20, 2021
Development Fund Homebuyer Application

Grant and Loan Resolutions

Local Unit of Government Borrowing Resolution
Not-for-Profit Borrowing Resolution
Local Unit of Government Grant Resolution
Not-for-Profit Grant Resolution

Development of Rental Housing for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Request for Proposals - Rental Housing for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

For more information on this funding option, please contact Jerri Bain, Director of Real Estate Lending, at or 317.233.6667