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Board of Directors

Upcoming Board Meetings and 2024 Schedule

The next IHCDA Board of Directors' Meeting will take place on Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

Click here to join the meeting virtually.

Click here to access the 2024 IHCDA Board Meeting Schedule

Current Board Members

Suzanne Crouch, Chairman
Lt. Governor of the State of Indiana
(Serves ex officio)

Daniel Elliott, Vice-Chairman
Treasurer of the State of Indiana
(Serves ex officio)

Dan Huge, Member
Public Finance Director of the State of Indiana
Indiana Finance Authority 
(Serves ex officio)

Thomas K. McGowan, Member
President and Chief Operating Officer
Kite Realty Group Trust
(Serves by gubernatorial appointment)

Andy Place, Sr., Member
Place Builders, Inc.
(Serves by gubernatorial appointment)

G. Michael Schopmeyer, Member
Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP
(Serves by gubernatorial appointment)

Chad A. Greiwe, Member
Zidan Management Group, Inc. 
(Serves by gubernatorial appointment)

IHCDA Board of Directors' Agendas, Approved Meeting Minutes, and Recordings

Month/YearAgendaMinutesVideo Recording
January 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
February 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
March 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
April 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
May 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
June 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
July 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
August 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
September 2024Agenda Approved MinutesVideo
October 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
November 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo
December 2024AgendaApproved MinutesVideo

2023 Board Minutes/Video Archive

Board of Directors Documents

Board of Directors' Electronic Participation Policy

IHCDA Ethics Forms
Conflict of Interest - Individual Disclosure Form
Conflict of Interest - Discussions, and Voting

Inspector General Forms
Conflicts of Interest - Decisions and Voting - State Form 55860 (10-15)
Conflicts of Interest - Contracts - State Form 53345 (R2 / 6-15