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Regional Planning Meetings


The IFA will regularly update the list of utilities who have attended an IFA Regional Planning Meeting, and who therefore have fulfilled the March 1, 2021 reporting requirement. Click here to view the list.  

All 2020 IFA Regional Planning Meetings have been conducted.  If your utility needs to attend a meeting prior to the March 1, 2021 deadline, please contact Sarah Hudson at sahudson@ifa.in.gov.

2021 IFA Regional Planning Meetings will begin in April 2021.  As exact meeting details are determined, they will be posted here.

Background and Overview

In 2018, the State convened the Water Infrastructure Task Force (“Task Force”) to study drinking water and wastewater utility needs and best practices in Indiana. One recommendation of the Task Force was for the State to assist utilities with long term planning by establishing Water Infrastructure Study Areas for the purpose of studying supply and demand, drought preparedness, infrastructure needs, and opportunities for utility collaboration within a region.

As a result of these recommendations, the 2019 Indiana General Assembly enacted Senate Enrolled Act 4.  (“SEA 4”) requiring the IFA to conduct regional meetings throughout the state to enable drinking water and wastewater utilities to work together to address long term needs. SEA 4 also requires drinking water and wastewater utilities to report their participation in the meetings to the IFA. The IFA would like be a resource to utilities in satisfying this new requirement.

Starting in 2020, the IFA will host annual, regional meetings throughout the state for the purpose of regional, long-term planning. During these meetings, drinking water and wastewater utilities and other interested parties can, for example, identify regional drinking water and wastewater priorities, discuss topics of regional interest, and investigate avenues of possible collaboration. For the purpose of these meetings, “regional, long-term planning” is defined as a group of localized utilities working together to describe and address future needs. The IFA’s goal in conducting these meetings is to help organize utility-led planning groups that focus on regional, long-term issues.

Many utilities are already participating in regional planning via formal or informal arrangements. If your utility already participates in a utility-led, regional planning group, please let us know. We do not want to “recreate the wheel”; rather we would like to partner with you and help bolster your efforts. Your utility can meet the SEA 4 requirement if the IFA participates in an existing utility-led regional planning meeting that your utility attends.

The legislation requires utilities to report on their participation in the IFA regional planning meetings by March 1, 2021, and every March 1 of each odd-numbered year after 2021. Utilities may participate in any IFA regional planning meeting held during 2020 to meet the 2021 reporting requirement. Every IFA regional planning meeting will include time for utilities to report on participation while at the meeting. Please note: participation in an IFA regional planning meeting is required in order to qualify for assistance from the State Revolving Fund (“SRF”) Loan Program.  

Documents and Links

2018 Water Infrastructure Task Force Final Report, November 2018

IFA Regional Planning Meetings Kick-off Letter to Utilities, December 6, 2019

January 29, 2020 IFA Regional Planning Meeting Agenda

February 21, 2020, IFA Regional Planning Meeting Agenda and Presentations

Sarah Hudson
Director, Water Resources and Infrastructure Planning Program

Eric Peterson
Project Manager, Water Resources and Infrastructure Planning Program

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